Kings County Revisited

I reviewed this cigar back in March 2021. At that time I gave it a firm.”No!” and to pass on it. Today I fired up the last one I had that had been resting in my humidor since my last review. Surprisingly I found it to be much better than the last. Giving it proof as we all know that even with a couple of months some sticks get better.

So with that said I’m changing my verdict to “Give it a try.” Why you ask? Well the pepper blast is now less pronounced then before and other flavors seem to blossom more than my previous review.

Note: As I always state try cigars for yourself and draw your own opinions. Just because A certain cigar blogger says “No” it doesn’t mean it’s not a “Yes” for you.

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Killer Bee Privada James Brown by Black Label Trading Works

Today I am reviewing something new at least to me. I’ve been slow at the game to smoke a Killer Bee so I truly am looking forward to seeing what they’re all about. Please note that I received this stick in my July Privada Club box so not sure if this current stick is available to the public or not. With that said let’s get to it.

Cigar Makeup:

Wrapper: Ecudorian Maduro

Binder & Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: Toro


First 3rd: Strong notes of black pepper, Hersey’s dark chocolate, vanilla bean, coffee, and cedar notes.

2nd 3rd: Black pepper, Hershey’s dark chocolate, mint, floral, coffee, cedar, and small hints of honey 🐝

Final 3rd: Hersey’s dark chocolate, coffee, cedar, and mint.

Smoking Apparatus

Final Verdict: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 period. If you can find it buy it!

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Kafie 1901 Gray Fox

Hello today I am reviewing a cigar by Dr. Kafie of 1901 cigars made exclusively for Privada Cigar Club. In my experience with Dr. Kafie’s cigars. I have had no bad experiences and I don’t think that this smoke will be any different. So with that behind us lets get to it.

Cigar Makeup:

Wrapper: San Andres from the Mexican San Andreas Valley

Binder / Filler: Hunduran


1st 3rd: Pepper, dark chocolate and leather.

2nd 3rd: Dark Chocolate, leather, cocoa, and maple syrup.

Final 3rd: Chocolate, leather, syrup, cocoa and touches of wood.

Lighting Apparatus:

Final Verdict: Truly outstanding and a must try.

Side Note: The name used for this cigar was to pay homage to the gray wolves who were on the cusp of extinction. With that said 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 to Dr. Kafie for dedicating this cigar to get the word out that list because their numbers have increased more must be done not just for them but for all Gods marvelous creatures.

Remember we are all just visitors on God’s beautiful earth and as a result, we are all responsible for every treasure he has given us!

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Mr. Robot Fumador by Mr. Robot Cigars

Hello today I am reviewing another cigar from the June Privada Cigar Club lineup. Their has been lots of excitement for this cigar around the cigar community, so I look forward to the smoking experience. Enough rattling let’s get to it already!

Cigar Info: No info available at the time of this review.

1st 3rd: Pepper, milk chocolate, coffee, sour dough bread, and paprika spice.

2nd 3rd: Chocolate, coffee, lots of sour dough bread, paprika and small hints of spice.

Final 3rd: Chocolate, coffee and mainly sour dough bread.

Cigar Apparatuses:

Final Verdict: Fantastic cigar that will keep you interested throughout your smoking experience. Should you buy it? Yes, if you can find it.

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Murder Hornet by Room 101

Hello, and Happy 4th if your reading this on July 4, 2021. Today I am bringing you another exclusive from Privada Cigar Club that you can only purchase through their LCA participating cigar shops. This month’s cigar is from Matt Booth of Room 101 so it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. So without further delay let’s get to it.

Cigar Info:

Nothing available at the time of this review only that Matt went back to his original roots to make it. Basically, it’s Old School Room 101.

1st 3rd: Pepper, cinnamon, chocolate, graham cracker and a small hint of spice.

2nd 3rd: Cinnamon, chocolate, orange zest, graham cracker, cedar and spice.

Final 3rd: Cinnamon, hot chocolate and got fudge like you would find on an ice cream sundae, graham cracker, spice, and orange zest.

Cigar Apparatus:

Final Verdict: If you can find it buy it! It’s just an amazing cigar and I’m not one that’s usually sold 💯 % on any cigar. I just thoroughly enjoyed it and wished I had more. Blessed to have scored this one for the review. Happy hunting!

Until Next Time


Room 101 Miami Snow

Hello, today I bring you another cigar from Matt Booth of Room 101. I have been very excited about this cigar because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. I will say that I may be a little bias towards it because I love the Room 101 brand. But rest assured I will give you nothing but the truth on it!

Cigar Info:

Size: Toro

Wrapper: Connecticut

Binder / Filler: Ecuadorian / Nicaraguan

Price: $6.75

1st 3rd: Coffee, peanuts, chocolate, cedar and pepper.

2nd 3rd: Coffee, peanuts, leather and pepper.

Final 3rd: Coffee, pepper, leather and the chocolate returned.

Smoking Apparatus

Final Verdict:

Just heavenly is all I can say! Should you buy it? Yes!

Until Next Time