NUB Cameroon 464 T Torpedo Cigar

Hello everyone,                     

It is in the 60’s here in New England and now it is time to sit on my back deck and light up a cigar. The cigar of choice today is the NUB Cameroon 464 T Torpedo. This cigar company is “awesome” and I suggest that you look them up at and give them a shot, you will not be disappointed.

Ok back to the cigar. This cigar is 4 by 64 and has a white and blue wrapper. It has a nice brown wrapper and is an awesome sight to look at. The size of this cigar makes up for the small lenght. DO not be fooled though this smoke will keep you busy relaxing for a long time. I smoked this yummy cigar for well over and hour and a half. 

Ok the draw on this is awesome and the toasting phase went just as well. Once you get this monster started you will find large amounts of pure smoke producing. The flavors for this monster starts off spicy and then turns creamy and buttery which is pure heaven. Though this is not my favorite “NUB” cigar I would smoke this on any day with good company.

In closing this is a great cigar and if you do your homework you can find a box for around $108.00. Now get on the internet or to your local smoke shop and try it. 

As always “Go Sox” and “Never smoke a trashy cigar, life is too short.”


God Bless


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I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

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