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Rocky Patel Summer Blend 2008

Hello everyone,

My post today consist of the announcement of the Rocky Patel Summer Blend 2008 release. I read on Cigar aficionado that it should be out in two weeks. I am looking forward to this release and trying it but I will have to wait until each reaches the Rhode Island cigar shops. I have looked to other sources for an early review though by posing the question on this cigar to the boys at http://www.stogiereview.com These guys have way more juice than I (bummer) in getting early releases to try. If you are interested in this baby, I read a review on it at http://www.cigaraficionado.com/Cigar/CA_Features/CA_Feature_Basic_Template/0,2344,2349,00.html

So I hope this help you and I hope the guys at stogiereview.com come through with the early release review. If you have never been to the stogie review page, get on over there because you missing out!

As always “Never smoke a shitty cigar because life is too short”


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