Catching Up With President John F. Kennedy 35th President of the United States


Today I sat down with the President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Today’s discussion was about present-day politics, cigars, golf, and the future of America. So here we go and I hope you enjoy it.

The first topic that we spoke about was the present-day politics. JFK said he was not pleased with the current candidates and believed that this country does not have much to pick from for the next four years. I asked JFK if he would have still been a member of the Democratic party if he was here with us today and he stated “Absolutely not!” I asked him why and he stated that the party has abandoned all of its ideals and principles from his time thus he would have switched to the Republican Party especially after Ronald Reagan became President. I asked him how he felt about his current day living family members endorsing Barrack Obama for President? JFK stated he was ashamed and that he would not had joined them. JFK stated that he attempted to pave the way back when he was President to put an end to racism, and Barrack has shown through his twenty year contact with Reverend Wright that he does not. JFK stated that in regards to Hilary Clinton, he was very concerned with the fact that she is too wishy-washy in her stances on issues that will affect America. He stated that he would love to see a woman in the White House but that Hillary was not that person. In regards to John McCain, JFK stated that John is Rhino and not a true Republican and that is clear in his past voting records and affiliations such as with his brother Ted Kennedy. JFK thought that if McCain would have run as an Independent he would have been far better off, and not been in the place that he is in today which is being a member of a party that is not fully supporting him. I asked JFK who his choice would have been today? JFK “LOL” stated of course me! After a minute of laughter between the both of us, he stated Mitt Romney because he felt Mitt was pure and genuine and would run the country as he said he would in his campaign speeches before dropping out of the race.  JFK just felt that Mitt was the man for the job and felt bad that the American people didn’t see it.

The topic then turned towards cigars. I brought JFK some Padrons 1926 & 1964 series (maduro). I explained to him that cigars have come along way since he put the Cuban embargo into effect in 1963. JFK was amazed and quickly asked if we could light one up. We both chose the 1926, and clipped and lit them. After one puff, JFK was astounded and stated “Boy, I wish these were around when I was President. I guess the embargo wasn’t that bad for cigar smokers after all!” I told him about the cigar boom in the 1990’s and that women were also enjoying premium cigars as well. JFK was amazed and wished he could have enjoyed his cigars in public places instead of always hiding them to confined areas where no was watching. I then handed JFK a box of Davidoffs, CAO’s “American” of course, Don Pepin black label, Don Pepin JJ’s, La Gloria series seven, oh and as requested by him a box H Upmans. JFK was really excited and stated that once I he got back to the White House, he would go straight to his humidor and there they would all go. JFK stated that he was amazed with the tastes, construction, and just outstanding over all feeling of today’s cigars. We continued to smoke our Padrons and JFK and I continued to talk the day away.

We then turn towards the topic of golf which was of course about Tiger Woods. I showed JFK a bunch of clips of Tiger and he stated “that guy is outstanding.” JFK stated that he would have loved to spend the day watching Tiger play a round of golf and hopefully gain some pointers from him.  JFK was also amazed with the clubs of choice in today’s age and stated (LOL) “Boy my game would have excelled if I had those babies!”

Our last topic was about the future of the United States. JFK stated “Hang in there America everything will be fine.” He was concerned with the way modern-day politics was headed and wished he brought his brother Bobbie with him because he would prosecute every crooked one of them. JFK stated that Bobbie had a great knack for that type of thing and loved America and wanted to rid crooked people from politics all together. Over all JFK was pleased with modern-day results and was confident  that the US was in overall good shape.

Unfortunately it was time for JFK and I to end our conversation. JFK lit up his Padron series 64 and stated “Stew, I hope we are going to do this again, but this time you are coming to the White House and smoke a Cuban H Upman with me.” I gladly excepted. With that he got up from his rocker and with a flash he was gone.

(This is a fictional story)

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