Hillary Clinton Is All Done!

Hello everyone and I hope your work week is going well. Todays topic is politics so let’s get down to it.

I guess I’m not posting anything that everyone reading this blog doesn’t already know. Well just to state it once again, Mrs. Clinton quest to be the first women as President of the United States of America is over. Now with that said, I am shocked that she is continuing with her campaign at this stage of the game. Anyone can do the math and know that she is defeated and that Barrack Obama is the Democratic nominee. Never the less though, I hope she carries on and exposes more of Barrack’s hidden secrets in the process.

I would like to point out that I am supporting John McCain not because he is my choice but because Obama is not. My choice was Mitt Romney but we all know he is out. I think Mitt would have led this country well due to his background as the former Governor of Massachusetts and his business background as well. I guess the people of the United States did not share my opinion though.

One thing that will leave me scratching my head is how ignorant some people of the United States really are. After all that has come out about Barrack, people are still supporting him. This is a big mistake and I hope that people will realize this and come to their senses. The guy aligned himself with a Reverend who is a flat-out racist and who dislikes the United States of America as stated in his sermon’s to his clergy members but reaps all the rewards that this country has given him. A known fact is Barrack has been a loyal member of this church for over twenty years. Fact two, Reverend Wright has been his spiritual adviser up until Wright was exposed by Fox News. Now is this who we want running the White House? I guess we will find out in November.


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