Hello everyone I hope you are ready for the long weekend coming up shortly. Ok, today’s cigar review is the Montecristo fer de lance 44 X 5 dark brown Connecticut broad leaf. The binder is Dominican of course from the Dominican Republic. Ok, I received this cigar for my birthday from my brother Eli which was in February. The cigar was housed in my humidor since that time at a 63 temp. with the humidity at 68. I know most of you out there like 70 / 70 but hey we are all different.

Ok back to the review, in my inspection of the cigar I found some soft spots and a hole in near the bottom of the cigar. I know first you think beetles (OH NO) which could have been the case from the cigar shop where my brother purchased the cigar but thank God it never made it into my humidor. Ok, the rest of the cigar looked good.

Toasting phase went well and this cigar burned evenly which was a plus. Now this cigar is listed as a medium to full strength cigar but I found it to be a medium at best. The smoking phase did not go so well for me. I found this cigar to be “frank” boring. The flavors to me consisted or earthy and woodsy with hints of some type of floral from time to time. The ash was light grey and flaky but there was large amounts of smoke. The draw was fine except for competing with the beetle whole on the bottom which was not a factor once the hole was burned away.

As a result of the boring nature of this cigar I gave up after half way and classified this as a shitty cigar at least for my standards.

Like it: No

Recommend it: No

Price: $ 9.95 (rip off)

Closing: I always like Montecristo cigars but found this to be complete junk.

Until next time


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