ITC 10th Anniversary by Rocky Patel

Ah, yes another cigar review in store for you today. First and foremost though, I would like to give a huge shout out to the Boston Celtics who defeated the Detroit Pistons to clinch the Eastern Conference and now will take on the Los Angeles Lakers for the World Title “BEAT LA, BEAT LA, BEAT LA!”

Now back to the cigar review. Todays cigar is the ITC 10th Anniversary cigar by Rocky Patel. This bad boy is a torpedo and measures 6.5 X 52. The tobacco is Puro using a binder and filler tobacco from 3 different regions in Nicaragua. The Wrapper is a Cuban seed corojo, also grown in Nicaragua. This is an awesome looking cigar with a white, black, and gold wrapper. The smell of the cigar makes you want to light this one up and taste it. My inspection showed no signs of soft spots or imperfections. The toasting phase was a pure pleasure. Once lit, I observed huge amounts of white smoke.

The flavors at first were a little  harsh on the palate but quickly turned to hints of coco and spices. My mouth began to drool and I could not get enough of this cigar. Once again I knew Rocky Patel had his hand in this one.

This cigar smoked well throughout the entire smoke and was a true pleasure in my book. I will be picking up more of these babies and letting some of them sleep in my humidor for a while. Do yourself a favor and seek these babies out, you won’t regret it! With that said my smoke is now over and so is my blog for today. Enjoy the weekend and remember to “Never smoke a shitty cigar, life is too short!”

Price: $9.00 – $9.50 depending on your cigar shop prices.

Drink of choice: Margareta

Smoke time: Around and hour and half.

Buy it again: Yes.

Recommend it: Yes sir, go and get it.

Hint: I would house it for a while in your humidor to bring out more flavors.

In closing Rocky Patel is the man once again plus he supports of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan which is a hugh thumbs up.


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I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

One thought on “ITC 10th Anniversary by Rocky Patel

  1. Happen to agree on this one…..I have enjoyed several of these sticks……would be on the top of my list….with the edge lite…….any other suggestions regarding smokes…would be greatly appreciated…

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