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Hello everyone and yes again its another beautiful day here in New England in the upper 70’s. God I am glad I was born in this part of the county. Ok today’s cigar review comes from Don Pepin and his Cuban Classic which is his black label cigar. This cigar is the robusto (1979) which measures at 5 X 50. The make up of this cigar is as follows: The wrapper is Habano Rosado and the binder and filler is Nicaraguan. The cigar is described as medium- to full-bodied. This cigar is not one that you would like to smoke on an empty stomach and should be smoked after a heavy lunch or after dinner.

This cigar was found to be in great condition without any imperfections. No soft spots were discovered by me and it looked to be a great smoke. Now I will say before the toasting phase that I am a big Pepin guy and love most of his cigars if not all of them. With that take my review as you may but this guy will not disappoint you!

Toasting phase went very well but I lost the cap (operator error I believe) but it did not effect my smoking enjoyment in any way. Right from the start the trade mark Pepin spices hit your pallet and you know this is a Pepin cigar. The ash is gray in color and hugh amounts of thick clear blue smoke hit the airways as you sit back and ponder the world around you, you begin to relax thanks to Don Pepin. 

The rest of the cigar continues with the Pepin trade mark spices and maybe a hint of some woodsy flavors. This my friends is a powerful cigar and I do not recommend it to a beginner. The burn on it is awesome and you can tell that this cigar was rolled to perfection and love. With that I say goodbye and please seek this one out I guarantee you will post me back later thanking me.

Price: About $6.30.

Drink of choice: Margarita.

Like it: Yes sir!

Recommend it: Oh yeah!

Buy it again: I have 20 of them sleeping in my humidor.

Hint: Its good to go right out of the box.

Until next time