Today is discount cigar review day and on tap is the Honduran Selection 3000 from Famous torpedo 6 1/2 X 52. This cigar consists of a muduro wrapper with an all Honduran-grown long fillers, and binder. The wrapper on this baby is dark blue, black, with gold writing as it appears in my photo. I would again like to give my big brother Eddie a hugh thumbs up for another “FREE” cigar to review! Ok, on with the review.

During my observation of this cigar; I found it to be wrapped quit well with little or no veins showing. No real imperfections were located to my surprise. One major complaint I did have though was during the clipping phase the wrapper unraveled a little but not enough to effect my smoking experience. Now with that completed it was on to the toasting phase where I decided to use the three match stick method. This is supposed to be the best method of lighting a cigar which is a slow process but gets the job done. Once the cigar was lit, I experience earthy type taste on my pallet which was rich in flavor. I also experienced a woodsy taste as well.

The ash on this monster did not hold well and flaked off which is another sign of a cheap cigar. The same flavors continued though and so far minus the constant ashing and burn issues, thumbs up to my brother for the suggestion to try it. 

Ok still in the first third of this baby and I wanted to show you the burn issues.

As I continued through the voyage of the Honduran 3000, I have had hints of not so pleasant after taste on my pallet. This is not something that a drink won’t take care of but again I believe it is another sign of a cheap cigar “sorry Ed’So!” So as I continue this smoke and almost clear of the first third, not much has changed with the flavors which is a bummer! 

So now I am into the second half of this smoke and nothing has changed and my interest level has diminished. This was due largely to the lack of flavors that I have noticed on my pallet which is the same earthy woodsy flavor. Now I know what you are going to say “Not bad for a free cigar.” and believe me, I am with you there but if I had paid for it, now you can see my point “Right?”

So finally I am at the end of this smoke “Thank the lord!”. With that said time to close out this review and I hope you enjoyed it because I didn’t.

Price: Around $30.00 for bundle of 20 but I did not see them listed on famoussmokes.com. My brother won this in a auction awhile back so that could be the reason why. They have all the other sizes for around the same price though.

Drink of choice: Mountain Dew SuperNova.

Smoke time: A little under two hours.

Liked it: Uh NO.

Buy it again: Nope, I the only way I would smoke this again is due to being intoxicated and after that, I sponge another one from Ed’So (lol)

Recommend it: Yes to cheap bastards or for the purpose of giving them to your golf buddies who really don’t smoke cigars.

Hint: Even after aging this baby since March, it still blows.

Closing: Once again thanks Eddie. In fairness to this cigar I think I might like the Famous Dominican Selection 3000 better but that is for another bargain day cigar review.

New feature to my review: The over all:


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  1. With only three bucks in your pocket and in need of a cigar, the Honduran 3000 is tough to beat.

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