Todays review is the NUB Connecticut 354 which comes in at 3/4 x 5. The wrapper is a  Connecticut leaf. The filler is Nicaraguan as well as the binder. The cigar label is light tan with maroon and gold trim with the word NUB across it. This is  mild to medium smoke and is very cool to hold due to its size. As mentioned in the NUB Habano review this cigar will take awhile to smoke so put some time aside for it, you will thank me later.

Observations: This cigar was rolled with love and it shows. I did notice that the cap on my NUB was a bit loose but it did not effect the clipping stage. No imperfections were observed in or around the wrapper. I really have no complaints so far and now it is time to smoke.

Toasting: The cigar lit well without any complications. Once lit it was followed by thick clear smoke. I am amazed that a cigar of this size lit the way it did and an even burn to boot.

Flavors: I sensed a nice buttery creamy taste with small hints of cocoa from my NUB and boy was I happy. The logic behind this cigar from its inventor Sam Leccia was why wait for the sweet spot of the cigar when you can have it right away throughout the entire smoke. This is apparent with this cigar and I am enjoying it immensely. 

Ok I tried to smoke it down to the “NUB” and lay it on its own ash as seen on the NUB site :  but I failed! Hey maybe next time. (LOL)?

In closing go pick this cigar up and for that matter splurge a little and buy the six pack you won’t go wrong!

Price? $4.39 (single stick – What a bargin!)

Drink of choice? Coffee “Honey Dew”

Like it? Yes sir!

Recommend it? You know it. (Now don’t sit there! Go get it!) 

Hint? Light it up and smoke it, no aging needed here!

Over All?

Until Next Time!


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