Todays cigar is the GrayCliff “blue label” vintage 1999. This robusto comes in at 5 x 50. The wrapper is from Indonesian while the filler and binder are made up from Nicaraguan, Dominican and Brazilian. The lable is blue and gold which is nicely done with a lot of class.  

In my inspection of this cigar I found small veins and small bumps around the entire leaf of the cigar. Other than that not too much to tell and it appears as if this cigar was rolled quit well. The snipping phase was easy with my XiKAR utility scissors recommend by Walt at the Stogie Review. “Thanks Walt!” The toasting phase went just as well with no complaints which is a joy in itself.

So now we are off and running and the first flavors to hit my pallet was coffee and some nice spices. The smoke continued with hints of cocoa and caramel “nice!”  I was also able to pick up hints of woodsy flavors which is a treat with the combination of the other flavors detected in this cigar. 

The burn is great with a nice even line and I a loving this cigar! The ash is holding its own and I have not had to ash my cigar a great deal which is a plus in my book. One thing I should mention though is that this cigar is mild to medium at best but extremely enjoyable so if you are a power house full body smoker you might want to skip this one, if not you will enjoy this cigar trust me!

Ok that about wraps up todays cigar so here is my verdict.

Price? $16.50 to $20.00 a stick but you can find some sweet deals on the internet.

Smoke Time? Hour and a half.

Cigar Strength? Mild to medium.

Drink of choice: Water “Its hot today in New England! (LOL)

Liked it? Yes I did!

Recommend it? Yes.

Hint: I would buy a five pack, smoke one and house the rest in a humidors and revisit them in about six months to a year. I know in a perfect world right but try it you will thank me!

Over All?

Ok the review is over now go out and do something already! (LOL)


Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.


  1. Stew have you been sifting threw my ashtray? It looks like you and have been smoking the same cigars lately.

    I too really enjoyed the Graycliff Blue and your review and flavor profile were straight on the mark! Now, if Graycliff could do something about the price this could be a staple in my humidor. Long ashes!

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