Today’s cigar review will conclude the NUB series line. So with that said, I will be smoking the NUB Cameroon 358. This has been a great line and I expect nothing less from this one. I am not a hugh Cameroon guy but “Sam” has put out a great cigar with the others so lets see how this one makes out.

Ok the description of this cigar is as follows: The Nub Cameroon comes in at 3 3/4 X 58. The wrapper is from Cameroon Africa. The binder and filler are both Nicaragua. Ok with that said lets move onto my observations. The cigar has a white wrapper with blue and gold stripes. The wrapper is dark brown and is flawless. No imperfections here to speak about and now I am ready to go. 

The snip and light phase went off with a bang and again no problems to speak of. I again, I have to give “SAM” a round of applause on how he constructed not only this cigar but the line in general. Ok, the draw is perfect and now the flavors are hitting my pallet. The flavors of this cigar consist of spice, earthy dirt tones, and a creamy buttery smoothness all around. Hell I wish I could pick this baby apart but why? when “Sam” has another winner on his hands.

The burn was even but sorry again I was unable to do a cigar stand on its ash. Maybe once I achieve this task, I will post it in an up coming blog. You know my older brother Eddie who is a true aficionado raved about all three of these cigars when I brought him some samples and of course I trust his recommendations. So with that said this review is over.

Price? $4.50 (A true steal)

Drink of choice? Water

Smoke time: Around and hour and half (Hey its little but packs a punch like a big cigar)

Strength? I am going to put this in the Medium range.

Like it? Yes

Recommend it? Yes

Hint: Like Walt stated at the Stogie Review I would smoke the Conneticut in the morning, the Cammerron in the afternoon, and the Habano at night. 

Over All?

Until next time.


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