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Today’s cigar was provided to me by the folks at PD Cigars located in Atlanta GA. The cigar is the Lancer which comes is at 38 X 6 1/2 inches. The wrapper is  Brazillian maduro, and the binderis Dominican along with a Dominican, Nicaraguan, Cuban seed filler. In my observation of this cigar, I found it to be well wrapped with no signs of imperfections. I did though however found the cigar to be soft in certain spots, but I must make it clear that this cigar did not spend anytime in my humidor and with the recent weather “HOT!” I believe this could have something to do with it. Ok with that finished, it was time to smoke this baby.

Now it was time for the clip and toasting phase. Clipping this cigar went well after I cut the pig tail away from the end of this baby (Nice touch Laz). The toasting phase was easy and this cigar took right off with loads of clear smoke which was obtained from the easy draw. 

The flavors of this cigar consisted of spices which were easy to detect right off the bat. I also detected a creamy buttery flavor on my pallet that seem to be followed by a nut creamy flavors. I have to tell you that I was very impressed by this cigar. The flavors seem to just keep coming and that is important because it keeps things interesting.

The ash on this cigar was grayish and seem flaky but kept its own due to the way this cigar was constructed (Very nice). The cigar had an even burn as well which contributed to my smoking enjoyment. 

So, I sure you all know how this review is going to end so without further ado here is my final verdict.

Price?   $6.00 or $75.00 for a bundle.

Drink of choice? Nice big cup of java.

Smoke time? Around and hour and half.

Strength? Medium to full.

Like it? Yes.

Recommend it? Yes.

Hint? Yeah call Laz and try one for yourself.

Over All?

If you would like to contact PD Cigars to try one these cigars please see the pic below.


Please note I have no affiliation to PD Cigars and stumbled across their cigars thanks to Brian’s review at http://www.stogiereview.com/page/2/

I will be reviewing two more of the PD cigars which are their Torpedo and Baby Hemingway at a later date. So stay tune and check back.

Until Next Time



Today’s cigar review is the Rocky Patel Fusion “Blue Label”. This cigar is the Toro which comes in at 6.5″ x 52. This cigar has an oily Habano wrapper with an Ecuadorian, Connecticut binder which is accompanied with Nicaraguan, Cameroon, and Honduran fillers. 

In my inspection of this cigar, I found it to be rolled rather well but I found certain spots where the cigar wrapper was ripped. The area was very small and I wonder if it may have happen from poor shipping care from where I purchased the cigars from. I can tell you that this was not caused from the smokers error. I did not find any soft spots and the smell was delightful. So with that behind me, I was ready for the snip and toasting phase.

So before we proceed, lets take a look at the wrapper problem I had during the smoke!

Once the cigar was lit it produced large amounts of thick smoke due to the loose and easy draw. So with that out of the way, the first flavors I encounter on my pallet were  spices, hints of chocolate “nice”, and hints of nutty flavors. Later on I encounter an oak flavor which was quickly followed again by chocolate and spice. I have read that this cigar is made up of the Rocky Patel Vintage ’90 and Vintage ’92 smokes but I think it is far superior and I know I am going out on a limb on that statement.

The second complaint I had was the constant burn issue. As a result, I had to touch it up a couple of times during my smoke. Again lets take a look.


That is about the only complaints I had and I have to say that I enjoyed this cigar immensely. The flavors alone which constantly change keep you pallet guessing and wanting more. I think personnally thay Rocky has a winner here but that the flaws that I encounter need to be corrected. Hey nothing is perfect so I will take that into account before I render my final verdict. 


So I will end my review here and render my desicion. 


Price? Around $ 7.50 a stick.

Smoke time? Two hours.

Drink of choice? G2 grape (Hey I like it!)

Strength? Medium

Liked it? Yes.

Recommend it? Yes sir.

Hint? Put it to sleep in your humidor after you smoke one and revisit again in a couple of months. Hell thats just what I am going to do. (Ok with a little will power!)

Over ALL?

Until next time.