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Today I continue with the Rocky Patel Fusion line which brings us to the Fusion DC “black label.” This barber-pole toro comes in at 6.5 x 52. The wrapper is listed at www.cigarsinternational.com to be a make up of both the blue label fusion and the green label fusion. I could not get any other information on it but I believe along with Jerry from the Stogie Review that it is the left over cigars from the Split Decision line. Either way I am unable to give the exact information on the binder and filler so I won’t. The only thing I can tell you is the wrapper is a little darker than the Spilt Decision.

In my observation of the cigar, not bad at all! Its rolled pretty well for a barber-pole cigar with no soft spots. The cap is a little sloppy but other than that not much to complain about at this time. Now I was ready for the snip and toasting phase. The snip was excellent and the draw was smooth. With that I conducted a dry run taste but it didn’t produce any flavors for me “bummer.” So with that, I lit my Rocky Patel Fusion DC black label which took to my flame with ease. 

Once lit, I detected a some spice and a earthy flavors. This lasted for only a few seconds and then pretty much the taste went blah! This was just like the ITC Spilt Decision and my insides began to turn. Why I said would Rocky Patel include this type of cigar along with his other Fusion cigars? Why I said and then reality hit me, “Profit you dummy!” 

Back to the review, not much changed as I struggle to get through the cigar with complete disgust. To top it off it went out a couple of times and the burn was uneven “talk about pissed off!” So with that I’m sure you know how this review is going to end, and Yes Jerry was right with his prediction! 

Price? Not sure because I can’t find them priced alone. It seems that you can only get them with the fusion sampler. (I think Rocky Patel should pay me for smoking this crap!”

Drink of choice? Java

Smoke Time? Over an hour is you can smoke this junk that long.

Strength? Medium at best.

Liked it? Please I would rather smoke Elephant dung.

Recommend it? Do I really have to say it?

Hint? Take some firecrackers and blow them up for fun!

Over All?




Now thats a first for the Stew rating a double “thumbs” down! I say that goes with the double wrap for this “BUST!”

Until Next Time