Todays cigar review is the last of the Rocky Patel Fusion line which is the green label “MM.” The make up of this cigar is as follows:

Length and Ring Gauge: 6.5 X 52

Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina along with a Nicaraguan Habano maduro wrapper.

Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan Habano & Dominican Republic, Nicaragua

My observations of this cigar: The cigar has a nice wrapper which is green with gold trim. I think this was a good marketing scheme by Rocky Patel and definitely catches ones eye. The wrapper is nicely rolled and you can tell that a lot of attention was taken by Rocky Patel for this particular line. I have to say that I found that to be the case with all of his cigars in the fusion line including the double wrap which unfortunately I destroyed in my prior cigar review. On touch test, I found several soft spots which I had not found on the previous “MM” cigars that I previously smoked so it could have been just this one cigar. The cap of the cigar was beautifully placed and now I was ready to smoke it.

Snip and toasting phase: For this smoke I chose the “punch” method which went well (and why not, only and idiot would mess that up!) Once I achieved this task, I conducted a draw test. I found the draw on the this cigar to be a little tight which I personally don’t like. 

The toasting phase went well with my triple burner lighter. I am ambarssed to say though I that I’m not sure who made my lighter. I know my good friend Jerry at the Stogie Review is looking for a new lighter and I think this one is right up his alley. So Jerry here are some shots of it and I will find out the info for you at a later date!

This triple burner priced at around $39.00 which was a steal. I have owned it for around a year now and I have “NO” problems with it. So if you like it let me know and I will post the manuafacture’s information for you once I check in with my local cigar shop who carries them.

Cigar flavors: I found this cigar to be enriched with coffee, earthy tones, some chocolate, and hints of wood. Rocky really did a nice job with combining these flavors which will keep your pallet busy identifying them. I think if you combine this smoke with a really nice cup of Java it will make you experience that much nicer! 

Complaints: The cigar has burn issues! I found the cigar to burn uneven during the first third of my smoke. I found this to be the case in all three of the cigars I previously smoked, so it’s not an operator error with the lighter. Here is a photo of the burn issue:


But as you can see by the second photo it corrected itself in the second third of the smoke. Please not that I never touched up this cigar so I would have to say that so far this smoke is a winner! 

The cigar produced large amounts of gray smoke and the draw improved considerably as I ventured through my review of it. I have to say that the more I smoked this baby the better it became! 

So with the above stated we all know what how this review is going to end so lets get to the results.


Price? Around seven dollars a stick.

Drink of choice? Ice coffee

Smoke Time? Two-hours.

Strength? Medium.

Liked it? Yes

Recommend it? Yes

Hint? This is a good smoke and well worth the money. 

Over All?

Unitl Next Time.


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One thought on “ROCKY PATEL FUSION “MM”

  1. I’m not sure which I enjoy the most, your reviews or those cute dimples! Keep up the good work. (two thumbs up)

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