I apologize about the photo. I had a great photo of this cigar but my camera went caput! Ah the joys of doing a cigar review! This shot was taken by my MacBook camera after I was almost through the smoke, thus the reason I could not show you the entire cigar .

Todays cigar is the Padron 2000 Robusto which I picked up in a four pack from Famous Smoke Shop back in January.


WRAPPER: Nicaragua

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaragua / Nicaragua

Length/Ring: 5 x 50

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Medium to Full

My Observations: At first sight, this cigar is not much to look at! It has the classic old style cuban cigar label which is white and brown. The wrapper is very veiny and looks to have been rolled poorly. I guess when you have a huge demand for a low-budget cigar, one has to expect this kind of thing. The cap was small and lopsided again in my opinion “Rushed!” There were many imperfections found from overlapping to the leafy being flaky in certain spots on the cigar. Over all the cigars appearance is nothing to write home about.

Snip & Toasting: The snip of the cap went well with my Xikar scissors “Thanks Walt from the http:// for the recommendation!” Not to get off topic but I really suggest you pick up this multi tool scissors because you will be satisfied! Ok back to the review.  I chose the three match method to light my cigar which I believe this is the best way to light a cigar if you have the time. Please remember though “Don’t use regular matches! Use the matches that you can get from your local cigar shop or cigar bar!” The cigar lit well without any complications and now I was beginning me Padron 2000 voyage.

Flavors: I was pleasantly  surprised with the first flavors my palate sensed which was a quick hint of vanilla. As I continued the smoke I discovered the rich taste of cocoa, coffee bean and small hints of spice. This went well with my java which was dark roasted cuban blend.

Draw and burn line: This cigar has an excellent draw and the burn line was perfect throughout the entire smoke though I had to relight it towards the end. I have to say that this cigar lives up to the Padron name and I was surprised after the appearance of it. I really thought that this would be a terrible smoke just by the look of the cigar. I guess once again a lesson well learned not to draw an opinion about a cigar on “looks” alone.

Price? $14.40 for a four pack at Famous Smokes.

Drink of choice? Hot Java dark roasted Cuban blend.

Smoke Time? Little over an hour.

Strength? Medium to Full.

Liked it? Yes

Recommend it? Yes

Hint? I housed mine in my humidor in January and I think it paid off.

Over All?

Until Next Time


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2 thoughts on “PADRON 2000 ROBUSTO

  1. Padron continues to be one of my favorite smokes. In the 10 years I have been smoking cigars they have never changed and have remained consistent over the years… There label is a perfect example of the cigar it self. Simple, Consistent, Classic.

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