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Hello everyone and happy Sunday to you and your family. I am glad you stumbled by my cigar page and I promise you that my cigar reviews are fair and accurate! So with that said, today I am reviewing the La Gloria Cubana Artesanos De Miami Churchill along with a special guest, my oldest brother Eddie. At this time I would like to thank him for participating in this review and that I had a great time while we conducted it! With that said, time to get to it.


WRAPPER: No information available at this time.

BINDER & FILLER: No information available at this time.

Length/Ring: 6 7/8 X 49

Shape: Churchill

Strength: Full Body

My Observations: This is an awesome looking cigar and has been constructed with pure class. The rolling job is exquisite and you will see this when first lay your eyes on it. The cigar has small veins and are really not noticeable unless you go looking for them and you can tell that Ernesto Perez-Carrillo was hugh on quality control before he released it. The cap is centered perfectly and to tell you the truth I really have not complaints for you on the makeup of this cigar. 

Eddies Opinion: Pretty much the same as mine and trust me, he is hugh La Gloria Series R man and I consider him and expert cigar aficionado! With that said, Eddie stated that he really didn’t think that this cigar would match the Series R but that he was itching to find out! 

Cigar Label: Folks when I tell you that this label is awesome, its an understatement. When I first picked up this cigar, I thought I had scored a La Gloria Cuban cigar because of the closeness between the labels. The artwork is simply awesome which immediately will command respect from the consumer. The label is mainly rich gold, along with highlights of red, black, white, brown, and some touches of gray. The artwork alone was enough for me to want to try this baby.

Eddie: His thoughts were the same and he said he loved the cigar label though again I think because of his alliance to the Series R, he didn’t get as excited about it as I did. 

Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: To stay consistent with each other, we used my cigar scissors with as usual created no problems. My pre-draw was terrible and I found that I had a lot of resistance. Due to this problem, I had to cut a little more into it and eventually it was “ok.” 

Eddie: Stated that his draw was perfect.

Toasting the cigar was easy with my triple burner torch lighter and Eddie’s cigar took off with ease as well. 


Flavors: On first third of the cigar, I found this cigar to produce a strong peppery flavor with a small hint of cedar wood. Eddie: found the cigar to produce a strong flavor of pepper but nothing else. One thing that we both found was that this cigar starts off extremely strong and then dies down a little into the medium body range so watch out! The second third of the cigar, I tasted some more woody flavors and dirty but again the strong peppery flavor seemed to dominate it. Eddie: stated that he found the second third to produce some woody flavors, and a small hints of coffee, along with the strong dominating pepper flavor so thus far we are on the same page. The last third of the cigar picked up steam and again you find out why they call this monster a “Full Body” cigar. Please take not too that this process happens in a split of second so be ready for it! 

Eddie: stated that he also notice the quick change and was amazed on how fast it quickly changes direction from full body to medium body and then back to full body. In regards to the last third, Eddie stated that the peppery flavor remained the same with hints of coffee and that was basically it.


Draw and burn line: The draw was tough and even with my second cut, I still had to work which was a complete turn off for me. I will mention that the cigar went out a couple of times during my smoke again turning me away from the enjoyment of the smoke. The burn line for me was jagged but consistent throughout the smoke but may have been helped due to the excessive relighting. In regards to the ash, I found it to be flaky which required a lot of attention (ashing). Note: So keep a cigar ash tray close by or you will be wearing it!

Eddie: Stated that his draw was perfect and required no relighting. Eddie’s burn line was fine and at times a little jagged but did not jeopardize his cigar smoking experience at all. Eddie’s ash was basically the same as mine and we both filled up my Tommy Bahama ash try quickly.

Price? Around $ 13.50 a stick but that was during the prerelease so it could come down.

Drink of choice? Iced green tea.

Smoke Time? Two and half of hours.

Liked it? No! 

Recommend it? No! 

Hint? I might have bought a “bum” cigar due to the inconsistency  that I had which my brother did not! So I will take that into account but still over all I did not like this cigar!


Eddie’s take:

Drink of choice: Ice green tea.

Smoke Time: Two and half hours.

Like it: Yes.

Recommend it: Yes.

Hint: If your a Series R guy its not as good! So stick with the “R”


Over All?






So there you have it on the new La Gloria.


Until Next Time





Todays cigar was sent to me by Mr. Frank Santos of the Reyes Family Cigars. I guess you could say I am following in the footsteps of my cigar brother Barry of Cigar Smokers blog site. Anyways, I also was given  a bonus tee-shirt as well to my surprise (Thanks Frank!)

The Reyes Family is awesome to deal with and you can tell they are not only in the business for profit but for customer satisfaction as well. This is not the norm anymore and normally cigar companies and their staff could care less about a small cigar reviewer such as myself; but with the Reyes Family this is not the case! I applaud them not because they sent me a cigar for this review but because they took a few minute out of their busy day to converse with me about cigars through an email and didn’t blow me off which to me is the sign of a great company. Thanks again Frank and I hope the Reyes Family knows that they have a winner on their staff! Ok, with my speech over and done with, lets get to the review which I promise will be fair and accurate!


WRAPPER: Maduro Ecuador Sumatra

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan. 

Length/Ring: 5 X 50

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Medium 

My Observations: This is a great looking cigar which was well rolled. The wrapper leaf is chocolate brown and covered with little non noticeable veins. No imperfections were found and the only complaint that I have found so far was a couple of soft spots in the middle of the cigar when I conducted my finger touch inspection. The cap was placed perfectly.


Cigar Label: The label is outstanding and caught my eye as soon as I saw it. The colors are black, purple, white, and silver! This was a great marketing scheme and I think the art work is exquisite!


Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: Snipping was a joy with my cigar scissors (so again get then if you don’t own them yet!) The pre-draw was incredibly smooth which brought a sweet cedar taste to my pallet. Toasting this cigar was easy and without much effort with the use of my triple burner cigar lighter!


Flavors: The first third of the cigar, I found the flavors to be strong hints of coffee and dirt (earthy ground flavors). I swore that for a few seconds I also detected a flowery taste as well. The second third of the cigar again focus on strong hints of java, sort in the area of rich cuban roasted coffee. This coffee flavor was again accompanied by the quick hints of dirt. The last third focus on a few hints of pepper and spice but mainly stayed consistent with the rich Cuban roasted coffee flavor.


Draw and burn line: The draw line was consistent throughout the smoke and produced a nice compact white ash. The only complaint I had was that you had to puff this baby quicker than I like to avoid it going out. This could have been due to the humidity we have had in New England and the fact that I didn’t house it in my humidor for the amount of time that I personally like to do (around two weeks before smoking). 

Price? Around $ 7.50 a stick

Drink of choice? Iced green tea.

Smoke Time? Hour and half.

Liked it? Yes! 

Recommend it? Yes! 

Hint? Once you buy it, house it for at least two weeks if received from an online source. If you purchased it from your local cigar shop, jump right into it. 


Note: I am not affiliated in anyway with the Reyes Family Cigar Company or a  spokesman for them.


Over All?


Until Next Time




Todays cigar is the Punch Pita which I consider to be a great cigar company. I’m sure that anyone who stumbles by on this review has tried a Punch in their life time. If you haven’t I can’t understand why not and have to really question where the heck you have been hiding to miss this cigar brand. Anyways enough said.



WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Sumatra

BINDER & FILLERConnecticut Broadleaf / Dominican, Honduras, and Nicaraguan. 

Length/Ring: 6 1/8 X 50

Shape: Toro

Strength: Medium 


My Observations: The cigar is well constructed which was apparent during my inspection. The rolling of this cigar was “A” class and the cap was centered perfectly. The cigar has little veins which are pretty much hidden unless you go looking for them. On my finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots to speak of.


Cigar Label: The label is red, white, and gold with marvelous art work in the symbols located on both sides of the label. Any Punch cigar lover would be able to tell that the cigar is a Punch from yards away just from this classic Punch label. 


Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: Not much to say here, the snip went off with a bang and yes with the use of my scissors! The pre-draw had classic easy draw which I find to be the case with most Punch cigars I smoke. The cold taste consisted of rich pepper spices on my pallet which is a true treat. Toasting this cigar is a true pleasure with no hold ups. The foot of the cigar takes to the flame like a bee to honey! It was that simple which I love! Another plus to Punch!


Flavors: The flavors of this cigar consisted of sweet spice, deep rich coffee roasted beans, hints of cedar wood, and some nuts. These flavors are consistent throughout the smoke and trust me, they will keep you pallet begging for more!


Draw and burn line: The draw line was great and stayed consistent throughout the smoke. What can I say, Punch puts out a good product and it shows during the smoke. The ash was pure white and requires little ashing. 


Price? Around $ 6.50 a stick

Drink of choice? Margarita.

Smoke Time? Two hours.

Liked it? Yes I do, very much! 

Recommend it? Yes! Please if you have not tried the Punch Pita, go out and buy a stick and see for yourself.

Hint? Believe me what you see is what you get from this gem! No hints needed, just smoke it!


Over All?


Until Next Time





Todays cigar is a special one which I picked up from Famous Cigars, the CAO Perfecto America from the 4th of July special addition box set. This is a cool looking cigar and is a complete reverse of the usual CAO America cigars. I would like to give my good friend Barry “Kudos” because I learned of this special addition set from his web site (Thanks Barry!) So without further delay, lets get into this gem!


WRAPPER: Dark Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro and lighter Connecticut Shade Capa.

BINDER & FILLER: Ligero tobaccos from Nicaragua, Italy, U.S.A., and the Dominican Republic bound in a zesty Brazilian.

Length/Ring: 60 X 6 

Shape: Perfecto

Strength: Medium to Full

My Observations: This is an awesome looking cigar that commands attention. The roller took his or her time with this one and it was highly noticeable when I inspected it. I really have to say that I am deeply impressed and can’t wait to fire up this baby. The veins are small and really unnoticeable and I found no soft spots on the finger touch inspection. I really must say that I am still in awe with the reverse wrap from the original CAO America! Great market scheme CAO!

Cigar Label: The label is just like the original CAO America which is red white and blue which to any United States Citizen, is awesome site! 

Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: The snip phase was a pleasant experience with the use of my Xzkar scissors. The pre-draw was a bit tight which I was a bit concerned about. On the dry draw, which again was tight, I detected that leathery taste which I have come to know from smoking the CAO America line. The toasting phase was a bit rough again because of the tight draw but after a few puffs with the aid of my single burner lighter, it was finally lit. 

Flavors: The cigar started off with heavy hints of leather and then some peppery flavors. As I made my way through this cigar, I detected some small hints of chocolate but again the cigar mainly focuses on rich leather. I have to say that this cigar is a lot stronger than the other CAO America cigars I have smoked in the past and to be truthful I grew tired of it quickly due to the same flavors without much change.

Draw and burn line: Point blank, the draw was not up to par which I believe affected my cigar smoking experience! As for burn issues, the cigar had didn’t really have burn issues and pretty much stayed consistent throughout the smoke. The only complaint I had was I had to relight it a couple of times which is aggravating to say the least.


Price? The set is retailed at $29.99 at Famous Cigars

Drink of choice? Hot Tea.

Smoke Time? Two hours

Liked it? Up in the Air right now. 

Recommend it? Not yet, I want to see if housing it for a few months will bring out any new flavors. I will revisit it in six months to let you know.


Hint? If you love leathery flavors pull the trigger on this one! 


Over All?


Until Next Time





Hello Stew fans and yes I am back for another cigar review. Today I am reviewing the Cohiba “Red Dot” Robusto Fino. I am looking forward to this review so lets get into it!





WRAPPER: Cameroon from West Africa

BINDER & FILLER: Piloto ~ Dominican / Jember ~ Indonesia 

Length/Ring: 4 3/4 X 47 

Shape: Robusto Fino

Strength: Medium


My Observations: This is a nice looking cigar that has been well crafted. It has been rolled with patience, and lots of care which is apparent in its appearance. The cigar does have some visible veins, but they are very small so it doesn’t affect it what so ever. The cap of the cigar was placed with confidence and it is evident again in its appearance. On the finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots to speak of but to be fair this cigar was housed in my humidor for over a year. 


Cigar Label: The label is a classic and well visible to all who know for the Cohiba cigar line. The label consists of black and white with the word Cohiba written across it. The “O” is  colored in all red for the red dot line which I think brings the cigar shoppers attention to it. 


Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: The snip phase was great with the use of my Xzkar scissors which trimmed the cap with ease. The pre-draw was nice and smooth and on the dry run draw, I detected a nice floral taste. The toasting phase went just as well and took right off with the use of my single burner lighter. Now that the cigar is lit it is now time for me to investigate its flavors. 


Flavors: This cigar started off with hints of roasted coffee beans and cocoa. I also detected some peppery spices and floral notes. The main focus of flavors though seemed to be around the rich peppery and strong roasted coffee notes. I should mention though that the sweet Cameroon wrapper adds to the flavors to this sweet tasting cigar.  I personally think that Cameroon leaf lovers will be overjoyed with it.


Draw and burn line: This cigar burns well and again it all comes back to the quality control which the Cohiba cigar line has. The cigar burns consistent throughout the smoke and no touch ups were needed. Not much ashing for this cigar either due to its nice rolling job. The ash itself is white and compact.


Price? Around $10.00 a stick but do your homework because you can find it way cheaper online.

Drink of choice? Hot Tea.

Smoke Time? About hour.

Liked it? Yes, it is a nice everyday cigar! 

Recommend it? Yes!



Hint? I would house it for awhile in your humidor. 


Over All?


Until Next Time




Hello cigar fans,

Today the New York vs Boston smoke off officially kicks off! I would like to welcome from New York my good friend Barry from the awesome site called “A Cigar Smokers Journal” which can found at www.acigarsmoker.com Barry is a great asset to the cigar smoking world and really knows his stuff which shows in the various cigar reviews he has conducted. If you have never been to his site, you are missing a great opportunity to broaden your cigar knowledge on all the cigars out there. So with the background of Mr. Barry behind us its time for him to take center stage.

Fellow cigar blogger, The World According to Stew came up with the idea to do a face off/joint review of a cigar. At first I was like, sure lets do it! But as the days moved closer I began to wonder what if my experience is totally different then his. What if my taste buds were so off kilter that I’ll botch the review. Will I choke like A-Rod under pressure, will I be able to perform in the clutch. Then to make matters worse he sent me a cigar I never smoked before a Padilla Habano. In fact this was the first Padilla I ever smoked. So with cigar in hand I headed down to the smoking grounds. A cool summer day, with a breeze coming in off the ocean. Ideal smoking conditions for me.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Padilla Habano
Origin: Nicaragua
Size: Robusto 5 x 50
Wrapper: Cuban Habano (Aged 5 years)
Binder: Nicaragua (Cuban Seed)
Filler: Nicaragua (Cuban Seed)

Pre-Light: This cigar was nice rolled with a triple cap. There were some veins and a lot of oil. In my hand it felt a little soft and I wished it was packed a little tighter. There was some bumpiness  in the roll. The scent of the wrapper was creamy almost like cream soda. While the the foot and draw was nutty. I used a hole punch on this cigar and the draw was perfect.

Smoke: The cigar while not getting warm to the touch, felt a little warm on the draw at times. This was because of the loosely packed cigar, but it was acceptable, just noticeable. The draw was perfect, and the burn line only needed to be touched up once in the bottom third when it canoed on me a little bit. The notes on this cigar were nutty, with some wood and coffee in the background. One strange thing was when i exhaled through the nose I was treated to a little sambuca from time to time. I didn’t break it down into thirds because the notes were consistent throughout the cigar.

Overall: This is a nice little cigar, and something I could see smoking on a regular basis. It was consistent, simple, nothing to complex. The notes were easily identified and thoroughly enjoyed.

My Local Price: Gift From World According To Stew (Retail: $6.50)
Rating: 89 (Out of 100)

So with Barry’s review completed it is now time for me to represent Boston and give my account of the Padilla Habano. So without further delay lets get into it!

So we already know what todays cigar is and now lets see if my palate agrees with Barry’s. Either way we all know that Boston cigar smokers are far more superior than New York cigar smokers (sorry Barry but let the games begin! ~ lol)


WRAPPER: Cuban Habano which was aged five years

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaragua Habano / Nicaragua Habano both which were aged five years.

Length/Ring: 5 x 50

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Medium

My Observations: At first look, I would have to say that this cigar is nothing to write home about and there is no shock and awe. The wrapper itself is pretty plain which is medium colored brown but was rolled pretty well. The cigar has imperfections which include small bumps around the cigar wrappers surface, large veins, and a sloppily placed cap. I have to say that I was rather shocked with the appearance test on this cigar because of the Padilla cigars that I have smoked in the past, I pretty much found them to be crafted with style which this cigar was not! On my finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots so I guess my humidor is working great for this time of the year.

Cigar Label: The label for this cigar was done with class! I love the look of it and as I mentioned in other reviews it is a great marketing scheme to attract cigar smokers to try this cigar. The cigar label is Gold, brown, and orange, and red. I just wish that the Padilla family would have made a better commitment to make sure that the cigar make up was just as vibrant as the cigar label itself.

Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: The snip phase was easy because I wanted to stay uniform with Barry’s review thus I used my cigar whole punch as he did. The pre-draw was a great experience in which I detected a nice strong hint on rich dark coffee beans. Toasting this cigar was also a nice experience as well in which the foot of the cigar took right off with the use of my trusty triple burner lighter.

Flavors: This cigar started off with strong hits of deep roasted coffee beans much like the pre-draw. Once I got into it, I detected flavors such a rich dark chocolate, and strong rich tobacco tastes much like you find in Cuban cigars. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavors and my interest kept me puffing away and excited that I made the right choice when I picked up a ten pack of these babies. Now this cigar does give you quick hints of spices and peppery flavors but in my taste test, I found it to focus largely on rich dark roasted coffee, chocolate, and cuban rich flavors. Not much changes from there so if you are a big cuban cigar aficionado, I would say pick up this one because it will be right up your alley!

Draw and burn line: The cigar burns well and had a couple of even points during the smoke but it quickly fixed itself and required no touch-ups. The cigar also did not require much ashing which for me was great as I rocked away in my “JFK” replica rocker enjoying the beautiful morning sun.

Price? $6.50 a stick .

Drink of choice? Hot Tea.

Smoke Time? About hour and half.

Liked it? Yes, I really did!

Recommend it? Yes!

Hint? Don’t be fooled from the appearance of this cigar “the wrapper makeup!” This is a nice cigar and I bet if you give it a try, you will thank me!

Over All?

Until Next Time


So gives us your feed back and lets us know what you thought? As always thanks for stopping by.




Todays cigar is brought to you by my good friend Barry from http://acigarsmoker.com/  The cigar is the CAO MX2 which looks to be a exciting review just from its appearance. Barry told me in a letter to me that this is a nice smoke so lets see if I agree.



WRAPPER:  This cigar is made up of two wrappers which consist of 

1. Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro.

2. Spicy Brazilian Maduro

BINDER & FILLER: Brazilian binder with a Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Peru filler

Length/Ring: 5 x 52 

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Medium

My Observations: This is a great looking cigar which has a jet black wrapper. I found the rolling of this cigar to be exquisite with no imperfections to speak of. The only part of the cigar I found a bit odd was around the cap area where it was discolored but didn’t take away from the look of it at all. The wrapper itself was perfect with little veins which were hardly noticeable. On my finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots to speak of. The cap was centered perfectly and now I was ready to get underway. 


Cigar Label: The label is very cool and will grab your attention as most CAO labels do. It is black and silver which makes the CAO MX2 wording standout. This is a great marketing scheme and I’m sure it has helped in the sales of these cigars. 


Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: The snip was great with the use of my Xikkar cigar scissors . The pre-draw was nice and smooth as I expected. On the dry run draw, I detected a nice hit of pepper. Once I lit this baby, I was surprised on how easy the flame took to this gem with my single burner lighter.  

Flavors: The cigar started off with quick hits of pepper which “wow” the pallet. The flavors quickly turn to rich dark chocolate which compliment the quick hits of peppery notes. The smoke continues with rich coffee and chocolate and then “bam” a quick hit of floral. Towards the end of the smoke the flavors consisted of rich spicy mixes which was right up my alley.  

Draw and burn line: This cigar burns great and keeps and even burn line through out the smoke. The only complaint I had was the flaky ash which falls off at a minutes notice so keep your ashtray near by.

Price? $6.25 a stick or $97.95 which can be found at www.cigar.com/cigars/viewcigar.asp?brand=329

Drink of choice? Tea.

Smoke Time? About hour and half.

Liked it? Yes! 

Recommend it? Yes!

Hint? As always, house them for awhile in your humidor it will just make your smoke that much nicer.

Over All?


Until Next Time



If you would like me to review a certain cigar please let me know! I can be reached at http://stewlovescigars@gmail.com  Looking forward to you suggestions!





Todays cigar is the Rocky Patel Summer blend 2008. I would like to thank my good friend Barry for this cigar because I was unable to find it so far in the great State of Rhode Island (The Ocean State). The thought behind this cigar was to match it with the flavors of the summer months. So with the idea of this cigar behind us, lets get down to business!



WRAPPER:  Ecuadorian-grown, Habano-seed wrapper,

BINDER & FILLER: Cameroon binder // Nicaraguan-grown filler leaves from the Condega, Esteli and Jalapa farm areas. 

Length/Ring: 4 x 50 

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Full 


My Observations: I have to say that I was deeply disappointed by my first impressions of this cigar. The cigar wrapper was not well wrapped and it was obvious in its appearance. I found several rolling errors which was evident that this cigar was rushed. The wrapper has large veins and I found several soft spots on the finger touch. The only high point about the cigars makeup would be the cap which was centered and placed perfectly. 


Cigar Label: The label was tastefully chosen and will catch the consumers eye. The label is silver, red, and gold.


Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: The snip was easy with my trusty cigar siccors . The pre-draw was perfect and I detected some type of citrus, lemony flavor which I found to be pleasant. The toasting phase went well and this cigar took right to the flames from my triple burner cigar lighter. 


Flavors: The cigar started off well with hints of spice and floral flavors in the first third of my smoke. On the second third, the cigar turns towards an orangey, peppery type flavor which got old really fast. The orangey flavor basically continued for the rest of the smoke and at times I felt like I was smoking a citronella candle. Let me warn you that this cigar starts off as a medium cigar and quickly turns to full body. I was amazed at the instant change and was not ready for it. So smoke it slow or you will pay the price!

Draw and burn line: This cigar burns rather well but became uneven at times. My biggest complaint was that it went out a couple of times which basically aggravated me! 


Price? $8.50 a stick.

Drink of choice? Cold H2O.

Smoke Time? About two hours.

Liked it? NO! 

Recommend it? NO!

Hint? If you like citronella candles and don’t mind smoking one, buy it. To be fair though maybe some time in a humidor will change the flavors for the better but for me I will stay clear of this one!


Over All?



Until Next Time