Todays cigar is the last in the series of three cigars from PD cigars located in Georgia. The cigar is the baby Hemingway short story. So without further ado, lets get into it!



WRAPPER: Brazilian maduro

BINDER & FILLER: Dominican / Dominican, Nicaraguan, Cuban Seed.

Length/Ring: 4 1/4 x 48 

Shape: Short Story “Hemingway

Strength: Medium 

My Observations: At first sight, this cigar is an awesome looking creature with an incredible rich tobacco smell to it. The label is red, green, and gold with the letters PD on it. The wrapper is very smooth and was rolled with pure love. I found hardly any veins and there were no soft spots to speak of. The cap was small and placed with confidence and it shows by the appearance of it. 

Snip, Pre-Draw, & Toasting: The snip of the cap was great with the use of my trusty Xkar scissors. The pre-draw was “most excellent” with a smooth draw which produced a raspberry sort of taste on my pallet “WOW!” Toasting the cigar was a pure joy with my three burner lighter and this baby took right off with ease. 

Flavors: I was pleasantly  surprised with the first flavors my pallet, which was hints of coffee and coco. As the smoke continued, I sensed various flavors of chocolate, spices and then “BAM” a cool taste which I only can describe as berry flavor popsicle (I know weird right? and no I am not drunk! (LOL) Towards the end of the smoke it continued with several more hints of sweet spice and coffee favors. 

Draw and burn line: This cigar again has an excellent draw and the burn line which continued throughout the smoke. I never had to touch it up which is another reason why I will boast about its construction. 

So with my smoke completed it is now time for this review to end.


Price? $4.00 for one and $55.00 for a bundle.

Drink of choice? Hot Java dark roasted Cuban blend.

Smoke Time? About forty minutes.

Strength? Medium.

Liked it? Immensely 

Recommend it? Yes

Hint? Pull the trigger on these babies!


Over All?

If you are interested in this cigar give Laz a call @

and tell him Stew sent you!

Until next time

Enjoy the 4th of July and be safe!

God Bless 


Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.


  1. Pretty colors! So I haven’t tried anything from PD Cigars the only thing that bothers me is the name of this vitola. Calling it a “hemingway short story”. Is it a ploy to capitalize on the more famously know cigar by Arturo Fuente from his Hemingway series called the short story? Just wondering…

  2. Jerry,

    I do not believe that to be the case. I think its just telling the consumer the cigar size. I do not work for PD cigars or represent them in anyway so I think Laz would be able to handle this question for you. You can get his email info from the cigar review.

  3. I happened upon Pd cigars last week, I was very impressed watching the guys hand roll these cigars, the salesman is a really cool guy, he offered a freebie to smoke in the shop, and needless to say I purchased a few more before I left to share with my friends and spread the word….My cigar was a toro with a Connecticut wrapper, it has an awesome draw, and an almost fruity ( maybe raisins) prelight flavor, the smoke began with a little pepper and them smoothed out with again the fruity coffee notes…its a good smoke for the money, definately worth putting into rotation in the humidor…

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