Cigar: Olivia Series O

Price: $ 4.20, or you can find them @ FamousSmokes.com for $24.99 for a four pack and I believe a box retails for about $79.95 @ cigar.com

Wrapper:  Sun Grown Habano 

Binder: Nicaraguan 

Filler: Nicaraguan 

Strength: Full

First observation: This cigar is nicely constructed as are most cigars produced by the Oliva family. The wrapper has hardly any visible veins and the roll was basically perfect. The cap of the cigar was centered perfectly and I really have no complaints to share with you on the make up of this cigar. The cigar label is white, gold, and red, which compliments this cigar nicely. 

Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting phase: I used my hole puncher for this task which was accomplished with ease. The pre draw was smooth but a little tight for my pleasure. Toasting this cigar was tough because I attempted this task using the three match technique. Lets just say it turned into five matches and I quickly reached for my triple torch burner. Result “Ah success, we have lift off!” 

Flavors: This is a full body cigar and with it came the flavors of coffee and rich dark chocolate. I also encounter some spice but mainly coffee and dark chocolate flavors. I personally like these flavors immensely so the Oliva “O” is already winning my heart over. 

Ash & Burn Line: The burn line on this cigar was excellent and was almost perfect through out my smoke. Again I really didn’t expect anything less because it was produced by the Oliva family who take great pride in the construction of their cigars. The ash was light gray in color and held itself beautifuly. I really didn’t have to ash too much during my smoke again leading back to the way this cigar was constructed.

Complaints: I had to relight this cigar once during my smoke but I think this was due to the cigar being rolled to tightly. Other than that I would have to give this cigar an “A” rating.

So with that said lets get to my final recommendation:


Drink of choice? Hot Java dark roasted Cuban blend.

Smoke Time? About two hours.

Liked it? Yes, but it is not an everyday cigar. 

Recommend it? Yes

Hint? Take your time on this cigar because you will pay the price if you rush it. 

 Over All?

Until Next Time, as my Tiger Woods Golf Buddy Would Say “Long Ashes” – Jerry from the http://www.stogie review.com


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