4 thoughts on “Sox lead weekend series 2-0 on bazar hit!

  1. Awe…looks like YouTube pulled that video Stew.

    How come the Sox can get up to play the Yankees but can’t when they play the Rays? On a happier note, I’m happy to see Lecester pitching strong this year. Makes my investment in his rookie cards look smarter but then I look at all the Mark Prior cards not even worth the paper they were printed on…anyway, I like Lecester. If the Sox win the AL East it will be on his arm.

  2. Jerry,

    The Rays are a “HOT” team right now who are making little or no mistakes. As I’m sure you already know, when a team is on fire like this its hard for anyone to beat them. I think this is a fluke personally and the Rays will fade after the All Star break.

    As for Lester, yes the guy is quite the story! Beating cancer and then returning to the major league level. I agree with your post too, but hopefully Dice K will come forward as well or the Sox will be just a memory in the playoffs! Look for the return of Clay Buchholz from Pawtucket Red Sox to fill Schillings void! That should give the Res Sox a lift.

  3. As a yankee fan let me say the yankees are done… there is no passion on the team, no role players. If Tampa can get themselves a veteran they might be tough to catch… But the Yankees will finish 3rd or maybe 4th.

  4. Nyisle I would hold that thought till after the All Star break! As a Red Sox fan for life, I know that the Yankees always have a great second half. I think if they get one good pitcher, it will solve their problems!

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