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Today the New York vs Boston smoke off officially kicks off! I would like to welcome from New York my good friend Barry from the awesome site called “A Cigar Smokers Journal” which can found at Barry is a great asset to the cigar smoking world and really knows his stuff which shows in the various cigar reviews he has conducted. If you have never been to his site, you are missing a great opportunity to broaden your cigar knowledge on all the cigars out there. So with the background of Mr. Barry behind us its time for him to take center stage.

Fellow cigar blogger, The World According to Stew came up with the idea to do a face off/joint review of a cigar. At first I was like, sure lets do it! But as the days moved closer I began to wonder what if my experience is totally different then his. What if my taste buds were so off kilter that I’ll botch the review. Will I choke like A-Rod under pressure, will I be able to perform in the clutch. Then to make matters worse he sent me a cigar I never smoked before a Padilla Habano. In fact this was the first Padilla I ever smoked. So with cigar in hand I headed down to the smoking grounds. A cool summer day, with a breeze coming in off the ocean. Ideal smoking conditions for me.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Padilla Habano
Origin: Nicaragua
Size: Robusto 5 x 50
Wrapper: Cuban Habano (Aged 5 years)
Binder: Nicaragua (Cuban Seed)
Filler: Nicaragua (Cuban Seed)

Pre-Light: This cigar was nice rolled with a triple cap. There were some veins and a lot of oil. In my hand it felt a little soft and I wished it was packed a little tighter. There was some bumpiness  in the roll. The scent of the wrapper was creamy almost like cream soda. While the the foot and draw was nutty. I used a hole punch on this cigar and the draw was perfect.

Smoke: The cigar while not getting warm to the touch, felt a little warm on the draw at times. This was because of the loosely packed cigar, but it was acceptable, just noticeable. The draw was perfect, and the burn line only needed to be touched up once in the bottom third when it canoed on me a little bit. The notes on this cigar were nutty, with some wood and coffee in the background. One strange thing was when i exhaled through the nose I was treated to a little sambuca from time to time. I didn’t break it down into thirds because the notes were consistent throughout the cigar.

Overall: This is a nice little cigar, and something I could see smoking on a regular basis. It was consistent, simple, nothing to complex. The notes were easily identified and thoroughly enjoyed.

My Local Price: Gift From World According To Stew (Retail: $6.50)
Rating: 89 (Out of 100)

So with Barry’s review completed it is now time for me to represent Boston and give my account of the Padilla Habano. So without further delay lets get into it!

So we already know what todays cigar is and now lets see if my palate agrees with Barry’s. Either way we all know that Boston cigar smokers are far more superior than New York cigar smokers (sorry Barry but let the games begin! ~ lol)


WRAPPER: Cuban Habano which was aged five years

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaragua Habano / Nicaragua Habano both which were aged five years.

Length/Ring: 5 x 50

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Medium

My Observations: At first look, I would have to say that this cigar is nothing to write home about and there is no shock and awe. The wrapper itself is pretty plain which is medium colored brown but was rolled pretty well. The cigar has imperfections which include small bumps around the cigar wrappers surface, large veins, and a sloppily placed cap. I have to say that I was rather shocked with the appearance test on this cigar because of the Padilla cigars that I have smoked in the past, I pretty much found them to be crafted with style which this cigar was not! On my finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots so I guess my humidor is working great for this time of the year.

Cigar Label: The label for this cigar was done with class! I love the look of it and as I mentioned in other reviews it is a great marketing scheme to attract cigar smokers to try this cigar. The cigar label is Gold, brown, and orange, and red. I just wish that the Padilla family would have made a better commitment to make sure that the cigar make up was just as vibrant as the cigar label itself.

Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: The snip phase was easy because I wanted to stay uniform with Barry’s review thus I used my cigar whole punch as he did. The pre-draw was a great experience in which I detected a nice strong hint on rich dark coffee beans. Toasting this cigar was also a nice experience as well in which the foot of the cigar took right off with the use of my trusty triple burner lighter.

Flavors: This cigar started off with strong hits of deep roasted coffee beans much like the pre-draw. Once I got into it, I detected flavors such a rich dark chocolate, and strong rich tobacco tastes much like you find in Cuban cigars. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavors and my interest kept me puffing away and excited that I made the right choice when I picked up a ten pack of these babies. Now this cigar does give you quick hints of spices and peppery flavors but in my taste test, I found it to focus largely on rich dark roasted coffee, chocolate, and cuban rich flavors. Not much changes from there so if you are a big cuban cigar aficionado, I would say pick up this one because it will be right up your alley!

Draw and burn line: The cigar burns well and had a couple of even points during the smoke but it quickly fixed itself and required no touch-ups. The cigar also did not require much ashing which for me was great as I rocked away in my “JFK” replica rocker enjoying the beautiful morning sun.

Price? $6.50 a stick .

Drink of choice? Hot Tea.

Smoke Time? About hour and half.

Liked it? Yes, I really did!

Recommend it? Yes!

Hint? Don’t be fooled from the appearance of this cigar “the wrapper makeup!” This is a nice cigar and I bet if you give it a try, you will thank me!

Over All?

Until Next Time


So gives us your feed back and lets us know what you thought? As always thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Stew my friend, boston will always run second in most things, including cigar smoking… I find it funny that you go with tea, must be a boston party thing :)…

    Anyway the reviews were quite different but that is a draw back to using 1 stick to do a review… This was a great idea… We’ll do another one in august ill pick the stick… As editor ill be sure to correct my blog buddies typos if any… Thanks for making me look like an illiterate 🙂

    Happy smoking!

    (One of the drawbacks of using a blackberry is there is no damn spellcheck!)

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