Hello Stew fans and yes I am back for another cigar review. Today I am reviewing the Cohiba “Red Dot” Robusto Fino. I am looking forward to this review so lets get into it!





WRAPPER: Cameroon from West Africa

BINDER & FILLER: Piloto ~ Dominican / Jember ~ Indonesia 

Length/Ring: 4 3/4 X 47 

Shape: Robusto Fino

Strength: Medium


My Observations: This is a nice looking cigar that has been well crafted. It has been rolled with patience, and lots of care which is apparent in its appearance. The cigar does have some visible veins, but they are very small so it doesn’t affect it what so ever. The cap of the cigar was placed with confidence and it is evident again in its appearance. On the finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots to speak of but to be fair this cigar was housed in my humidor for over a year. 


Cigar Label: The label is a classic and well visible to all who know for the Cohiba cigar line. The label consists of black and white with the word Cohiba written across it. The “O” is  colored in all red for the red dot line which I think brings the cigar shoppers attention to it. 


Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: The snip phase was great with the use of my Xzkar scissors which trimmed the cap with ease. The pre-draw was nice and smooth and on the dry run draw, I detected a nice floral taste. The toasting phase went just as well and took right off with the use of my single burner lighter. Now that the cigar is lit it is now time for me to investigate its flavors. 


Flavors: This cigar started off with hints of roasted coffee beans and cocoa. I also detected some peppery spices and floral notes. The main focus of flavors though seemed to be around the rich peppery and strong roasted coffee notes. I should mention though that the sweet Cameroon wrapper adds to the flavors to this sweet tasting cigar.  I personally think that Cameroon leaf lovers will be overjoyed with it.


Draw and burn line: This cigar burns well and again it all comes back to the quality control which the Cohiba cigar line has. The cigar burns consistent throughout the smoke and no touch ups were needed. Not much ashing for this cigar either due to its nice rolling job. The ash itself is white and compact.


Price? Around $10.00 a stick but do your homework because you can find it way cheaper online.

Drink of choice? Hot Tea.

Smoke Time? About hour.

Liked it? Yes, it is a nice everyday cigar! 

Recommend it? Yes!



Hint? I would house it for awhile in your humidor. 


Over All?


Until Next Time


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