Hello everyone and happy Sunday to you and your family. I am glad you stumbled by my cigar page and I promise you that my cigar reviews are fair and accurate! So with that said, today I am reviewing the La Gloria Cubana Artesanos De Miami Churchill along with a special guest, my oldest brother Eddie. At this time I would like to thank him for participating in this review and that I had a great time while we conducted it! With that said, time to get to it.


WRAPPER: No information available at this time.

BINDER & FILLER: No information available at this time.

Length/Ring: 6 7/8 X 49

Shape: Churchill

Strength: Full Body

My Observations: This is an awesome looking cigar and has been constructed with pure class. The rolling job is exquisite and you will see this when first lay your eyes on it. The cigar has small veins and are really not noticeable unless you go looking for them and you can tell that Ernesto Perez-Carrillo was hugh on quality control before he released it. The cap is centered perfectly and to tell you the truth I really have not complaints for you on the makeup of this cigar. 

Eddies Opinion: Pretty much the same as mine and trust me, he is hugh La Gloria Series R man and I consider him and expert cigar aficionado! With that said, Eddie stated that he really didn’t think that this cigar would match the Series R but that he was itching to find out! 

Cigar Label: Folks when I tell you that this label is awesome, its an understatement. When I first picked up this cigar, I thought I had scored a La Gloria Cuban cigar because of the closeness between the labels. The artwork is simply awesome which immediately will command respect from the consumer. The label is mainly rich gold, along with highlights of red, black, white, brown, and some touches of gray. The artwork alone was enough for me to want to try this baby.

Eddie: His thoughts were the same and he said he loved the cigar label though again I think because of his alliance to the Series R, he didn’t get as excited about it as I did. 

Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: To stay consistent with each other, we used my cigar scissors with as usual created no problems. My pre-draw was terrible and I found that I had a lot of resistance. Due to this problem, I had to cut a little more into it and eventually it was “ok.” 

Eddie: Stated that his draw was perfect.

Toasting the cigar was easy with my triple burner torch lighter and Eddie’s cigar took off with ease as well. 


Flavors: On first third of the cigar, I found this cigar to produce a strong peppery flavor with a small hint of cedar wood. Eddie: found the cigar to produce a strong flavor of pepper but nothing else. One thing that we both found was that this cigar starts off extremely strong and then dies down a little into the medium body range so watch out! The second third of the cigar, I tasted some more woody flavors and dirty but again the strong peppery flavor seemed to dominate it. Eddie: stated that he found the second third to produce some woody flavors, and a small hints of coffee, along with the strong dominating pepper flavor so thus far we are on the same page. The last third of the cigar picked up steam and again you find out why they call this monster a “Full Body” cigar. Please take not too that this process happens in a split of second so be ready for it! 

Eddie: stated that he also notice the quick change and was amazed on how fast it quickly changes direction from full body to medium body and then back to full body. In regards to the last third, Eddie stated that the peppery flavor remained the same with hints of coffee and that was basically it.


Draw and burn line: The draw was tough and even with my second cut, I still had to work which was a complete turn off for me. I will mention that the cigar went out a couple of times during my smoke again turning me away from the enjoyment of the smoke. The burn line for me was jagged but consistent throughout the smoke but may have been helped due to the excessive relighting. In regards to the ash, I found it to be flaky which required a lot of attention (ashing). Note: So keep a cigar ash tray close by or you will be wearing it!

Eddie: Stated that his draw was perfect and required no relighting. Eddie’s burn line was fine and at times a little jagged but did not jeopardize his cigar smoking experience at all. Eddie’s ash was basically the same as mine and we both filled up my Tommy Bahama ash try quickly.

Price? Around $ 13.50 a stick but that was during the prerelease so it could come down.

Drink of choice? Iced green tea.

Smoke Time? Two and half of hours.

Liked it? No! 

Recommend it? No! 

Hint? I might have bought a “bum” cigar due to the inconsistency  that I had which my brother did not! So I will take that into account but still over all I did not like this cigar!


Eddie’s take:

Drink of choice: Ice green tea.

Smoke Time: Two and half hours.

Like it: Yes.

Recommend it: Yes.

Hint: If your a Series R guy its not as good! So stick with the “R”


Over All?






So there you have it on the new La Gloria.


Until Next Time


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