Todays cigar review is the Tatuaje Unicos. I chose this cigar because of all the attention that is received. I was told by the clerk at the Regency Emporium in East Greenwich that this is one “sweet cigar” and worth every penny. So with that said, lets see if he is right? 





WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 6 1/8 X 52

Shape: Torpedo

Strength: Full


My Observations: I have to say that Pete Johnson has crafted a sweet looking cigar. I guess that cigar smokers should expect nothing less when a cigar giant such as Jose Pepin had his hands in the make up of this gem. The cigar was rolled with pure confidence with absolutely no imperfections. The cap of the cigar is triple capped and again you can tell that the roller of this cigar is highly skilled. On the finger touch inspection I did locate some soft spots on various locations of the cigar.


Cigar Label: I like the wrapper which consists of the old school Cuban style colors which is brown and white. Yes, there is not much to it but I love old school.


Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: I used guillotine cutter for this task and found the cut to be even without any part of the cigar tip unraveling. The pre-draw was not what I expected which I found to be hesitant. I cut a little further into the cigar but again found the draw to be exactly the same (bummer!) The pre-draw flavors consisted of a nice peppery flavor and now I was ready to dive right into it. Toasting this cigar was a task in itself again because of the stiff draw but after a minute or two I was in business. I used my triple burner torch lighter for this task.



Flavors: The flavors of this cigar consisted of a nice strong pepper flavor which is combined with earth, various spices, and some quick hints of rich chocolate and deep roasted coffee. I enjoyed all the flavors as I puffed away and for a few minutes I actually thought I was smoking a Cuban cigar.


Draw and burn line: The draw was horrible for a high caliber cigar such as Tatuaje. I was deeply disappointed because of the lack of draw but the flavors more than made up for it. Due to the horrible draw, I had to re-light several times which as I stated in prior reviews is very aggravating to say the least. The burn line was consistent and burned well throughout the smoke but I wonder if the constant re-lighting assisted in the even burn line?


Price? Around $9.50 a stick.

Drink of choice? Hot tea.

Smoke Time? Two hours

Liked it? Yes.

Recommend it? Yes, but I hope you have better luck with the draw then I did! 

Hint? I think with aging, this cigar would be excellent but its pretty dame close already (minus the draw)


Over All?


Until Next Time



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