Hello and good day to you my cigar smoking friend. Yes, its time for another cigar review from your favorite Irish smoking cigar buddy. Today I have a special cigar on tap which is the Kristoff Corojo Matador. I only recently learned about this cigar from my good friend Pete who works at the Humidor located at 600 Post Rd, East Greenwich, RI 02818. If you have never been there its a true must for a cigar smoker. They have a seventy inch screen TV, leather couches, leather chairs, and tons of your favorite cigars. So get your behind down there and tell Pete and the gang that Stew sent you! Getting back to the Kristoff, this is truly an excellent cigar so without further delay lets get into to it.




WRAPPER:  Nicaraguan Habano Criollo

BINDER & FILLER: Cuban seed Orlor Dominican // Cuban seed Orlor Dominican-Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 6 1/2 X 56

Shape: Matador

Strength: Medium to Full


My Observations: I love the look of this cigar which is wrapped just like most Cuban cigars. By that I mean you are getting the best your money can buy and this is not an expensive cigar by any means. The cigar itself is very oily and is soft on the touch. The cigar has a pig tail cap and a shaggy foot. Once you touch this gem you immediately want to light it up to taste the rich flavors hiding inside of its well constructed leaf wrapper. Trust me this cigar looks and feels like you are picking up a cigar in Cuba cigar store. I can’t rave enough about its appearance and its rich toasted almond smell.


Cigar Label: This cigar label has an old looking appearance to it. It looks as  if the label was made a sixty years ago. It is a true classic and though its hard to see in my photo, I felt like I was in the forties every time I laid my eyes on it. The label coloring is a rich rustic tannish color with faded black “Kristoff” across it. 


Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: I was almost sad to cut the pig tail off but for the good of this review it had to be done.

I completed this task with the use of my trusty Xzkar scissors which went off with a “bang!” The pre-draw was excellent and I was shock because this cigar is very soft on the touch and I figured it would affect the draw but I was completely wrong. The pre-draw flavor consisted of the sweet toasted almond flavor “Yummy!” Toasting this gem was easy with my triple burner lighter and now I was in seven heaven with visions of lying on the rich sandy beaches of Cuba, alone with this gem of a cigar. Hey its just my vision and I’m sure we are not that far away from this dream.


Flavors: The flavors of this cigar consisted of the rich toasted almond flavors, accompanied by rich dark chocolate and cocoa flavors. Oh and it didn’t stop there! Pepper was also included and blended well with the rest of the heavenly flavors in this baby.  Trust me, once you smoke this cigar you will see that the rich flavors are consistent throughout the smoke which will keep you smiling and dreaming through out this heavenly cigar smoking experience.

Note: This cigar is a true representation of the pre-embargo Cuban cigars. 


Draw and burn line: The draw line was almost even throughout my smoke and I really don’t have any complaints to give you. The ash was a nice grayish color and you really don’t need the use of an ashtray.


Price? I paid $7.00 but you can get it online for about $5.00 (Do your research!)

Drink of choice? Hot coffee.

Smoke Time? Two and half hours and boy I wish it was more!

Liked it? Yes.

Recommend it? Yes, find this gem!

Hint? Yeah buy a box, trust me!


Over All?




Until Next Time


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I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

3 thoughts on “KRISTOFF COROJO

  1. Nice review Stew. When you say it’s a good representation of a pre-embago Cuban, what are you basing that on?


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