Today I decided to take a break from the regular cigar review routine and post about me and my wife’s first trip to a Polo match. On August 09, 2008, our friends Keith and Jen invited us to attend a Polo match in Portsmouth Rhode Island. We gladly accepted. So now my wife packed us some delicious food, and I packed up one of my new favorites “Kristoff” cigars, and we headed out for Portsmouth. 

On arrival, I was astounded by the amount of people who attend these events. There were hundreds of people tailgating for this event. Once we parked our car, we met up with Jen and Keith and began to consume some spirits of choice. We then ate some food, talked for awhile and waited for the match to begin,

I have to tell you that I was again deeply surprised when I scanned the audience and found many men with cigars dangling from their mouths. I thought to myself, when was the last time I attended any type of sporting even and saw anyone around the playing area smoking a cigar? Answer “You don’t!” Those days are long gone and as my fellow cigar smoking brothers and sisters will tell you, you probably never will again.

So with my amazement, I quickly fired up my Kristoff cigar, took my seat and watched as the beautiful horses with their rides mounted charge onto the playing field. I’m sorry that I did not get any shots of the riders and their horses but this is a fast moving game and my IPHONE 3G was not up to this task. I did however get a shot of half time.

Now I know what your thinking so here is your answer. During halftime, everyone walks onto the playing surface and pushes the divot’s in which are made from the horses during the game. This is actually cool because you get to meet up with people during this time, whether it be friends you didn’t know where there or new contacts who wanted to know what type of cigar you are smoking. This sort of thing is great for business contacts as well. 

So after halftime, I again sat down, ate some more, and smoked some more. Over all it was a great day. Again sorry about the lack of photos and these were the best I could do, so enjoy!

I though I would give you a quick video of one of the matches at the Polo club so you could get the idea. I did not shoot this video and I was not at this game. 

If you would like more information on attending a Polo match, click here.

In closing open your mind and look into new things because life is too short not to be happy. I thank my loving wife Rhonda for opening a new game to me.

See You Next Time


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