Today I thought I would mix things up a little with a question to you. Do you think that cigar labels play a huge roll in ones personal cigar choices? I’m sure that each and every one of you have sat down in a cigar establishment and watched others choose their personal cigar choice. I personally have seen many walk around the humidor looking and looking aimlessly until they see a flashy label. Now not knowing anything about the cigar itself, they pick it up and give it a try. Now once they have paid for it, clipped, and lit the cigar they sit down and “Bam” I ask them what they are smoking. You would be surprised in the responses. In my experiences, the person usually looks at the label and shouts out the name. I asked them how long they have been smoking that particular cigar for and their response is “Just started.” Now I ask them how they learned about that cigar brand and “Bam” they state “It looked good so I’m trying it.” If you don’t believe me, conduct your own study and you will see what I am talking about. 

Now we all know that the label has nothing to do with taste of the cigar, construction, etc but believe me it plays a hugh roll in its sale. It is a known fact that cigar companies spend tons of money in getting that perfect label that will coincide with their cigar. CAO has mastered this art, and it is evident in they’re fine crafted labels.

I think a label for a cigar is just as important as say a BMW label, or a Sony label, or the famous Polo label. It makes the cigar what it is and flashes its importance to other cigar smokers around you. Now this is only my personal view but trust me in the end the label plays a very important roll.   

Please comment me and tell me your take on this question.

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  1. Cigar labels do a play a huge roll in my eyes. People who are new to smoking are drawn to the labels for various reasons.. some want the colorful Oliva MB3 band, or the Opus X based on the bands..

    Others wanting something “tradition” will be drawn to the simple bands of the padron or montecristo.

    In the long run though once you found your taste, and your desire for a certain type of smoke bands are secondary.

    btw I got a montecristo cap for you and our next joint review will be the partagas 160 short robusto. However I won’t be able to ship them to you for about a week.

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