Today I am blogging from beautiful Providence Rhode Island located in Cigar Masters at One West Exchange Street Providence Rhode Island 02903. You can reach them by phone at 1-888-95-CIGAR or email them at

The cigar of choice today is a special one which I stumbled upon at a recent POLO match I attended in Portsmouth Rhode Island earlier this month. Anyway while I was there, I noticed this gentleman identified later as Mr. Jonathan Kaye seated in front a Volkswagen bus. Now what really drew my attention towards him was the cigar he was smoking. The label was not of any I have ever seen and being the curious cigar afionado that I am, I quickly walked up to Mr. Kaye to investigate.

In speaking with Mr. Kaye, I was advised that the cigar was a Luna Azul “Polo” cigar made in the Dominican Republic. Mr. Kaye told me that it was his own personal brand and that I could find them at Cigar Masters in Boston.

I decided to take up Mr. Kaye’s offer which was to seek out his cigar by calling Cigar Masters in Boston. I spoke to a gentleman call “Patrick” and found out that he only had two boxes in stock. I asked Patrick if there was anyway I could get my hands on a couple to review and he stated “Stew” I will have them shipped right down to Providence Cigar Masters and you can pick them up on Friday. I would like to note that I have never met Patrick and was astonished by his professionalism and devotion in pleasing customers. Its acts like this one that that make a cigar business work. “Hats off to you Patrick! I hope Cigar Masters knows what they have!”

So with the history behind us, lets get to the review of the Luna Azul “Polo” Cigar!


WRAPPER: Connecticut Broad leaf

BINDER & FILLER: Dominican / Dominican

Length/Ring: 5 X 50

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Medium

My Observations: I love the look of this cigar with its medium brown colored wrapper. The wrapper itself is a bit veiny but I really don’t think it will affect the smoke. The roll is beautiful with no imperfections to speak of. The cap is a bit sloppy and lopsided but overall I am impressed with the cigar make up.

Cigar Label: The cigar colors consist of maroon, white, and a touch of gray.

Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: I used my cigar scissors on my Luna Azul and achieved my task without any complications. The pre-draw was perfect but I really didn’t get any suttle flavors to tell you about. The toasting phase was perfect with my triple burner and on the first draw I detected a nice peppery taste.

Flavors: The flavors of this cigar consisted of pepper, earthy tones, roasted coffee, and some beautiful hints of chocolate and carmel. At one point, I even detected a hint of cinnamon.

Draw and burn line: The draw was perfect through out the smoke.  The burn line was inconsistent through out two-thirds of the smoke but corrected itself in the last third. Over all though, I have to say that even with the uneven burnline I thouroughly enjoyed my Luna Azul.

Price? Approximately $5.50

Drink of choice? Coca Cola

Smoke Time? About two hours!

Liked it? Yes.

Recommend it? Yes.

Hint? I think putting these babies to sleep will help bring out the rich flavors.

Over All?

Until Next Time


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I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

3 thoughts on “LUNA AZUL “POLO”

  1. Hey Stew, that’s quite a label. I can see how it brought your attention to that cigar. Sort of reinforces your opinion on cigar labels in one of your earlier posts. Keep the reviews coming!

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