Cusano Corojo 1997





Hello, Today is the start of college football which pretty much signals the end of the Summer season. This is a wonderful time for me because I am a huge college football fan. I believe this year should be very interesting and I look forward to the good times that I will share with my brothers when we all get together to watch the weekly games. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage along with a great cigar and watch away. So with that said, now the review.

The cigar of choice today is the Cusano Corojo 1997 robusto. This cigar is a cool looking cigar which got a big rating in Cigar Aficionado magazine. I am curious to see if all the hype is legit, so lets find out.


WRAPPER: 1997 Ecuadorian Sun-grown Corojo wrapper  

BINDER & FILLER: Mexican Sumatra / Dominican 

Length/Ring: 5 X 50

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Medium to Full


My Observations: I love the look of this cigar with its dark brown wrapper. Right up front you can tell that the Cusano’s choose only the best rollers for this project and it is evident in the construction of this cigar. The wrapper has little non noticeable veins and the cap was centered perfectly. So far I am deeply impressed with the make up of this gem.


Cigar Label: The label is awesome and I would like to give a shout out to the creator of it. The orange, white, and black colors jump right out at you as you peruse through your cigar store in search of a new smoke to try. 

Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: I used my Xzkar multi tool scissors for this task which went off with a bang. The pre-draw was smooth and I immediately detected a nice peppery taste. Toasting this cigar was a pure joy with the use of the Humidor cigar shop’s “Rocky Patel” torch burner. Wow what a flame it produced, enough to burn your eyebrows off if your not careful (lol).



Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a grassy type flavor along with tones of earthy and wood. The 2nd third consisted on a strong orangey citrus type flavor much like the Rocky Patel 2008 Summer blend but not as strong. The other flavor consisted again of pepper and earth. The last 3rd of the cigar continued with orangey flavor and pepper. Over all, I would have to say that I was not impressed and expected so much more.


Draw and burn line: The draw was perfect throughout the smoke and I credited this again with the construction of the cigar. The burn line was perfect and required no touch ups. The ash was a light gray and did not require much ashing.


Price? Approximately $5.50

Drink of choice? Dunkin Donuts hot coffee

Smoke Time? About an hour and half! 

Liked it? No

Recommend it? Only if you like the flavors described in this review. Personally, I would say have to say “No!” 

Hint? Don’t believe the hype it received in Cigar Aficionado.



Over All?



Until Next Time


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One thought on “Cusano Corojo 1997

  1. Ok so I haven’t heard much about this Cusano but our friend on Twitter @jasonshaffer lists the Cusano 18 Double Connecticut as one of his Top 5 Morning Cigars when he replied to my list and I’m really looking forward to trying that one.

    Nice review…thanks for the heads up buddy.

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