Hello everyone, I’m glad to see that your back for another “Stew” cigar review. Today is a special day because its the official start of the 2008 NFL season and I am pumped. First, because I finally get to shake off the disappointment off the 2007 New England Patriots “almost” perfect season which we ended in complete sadness which carried heavy on my heart. So now with a new season comes new hope and aspirations for another World title. I know, I should not be complaining because Pro sports has been good to New England over the last ten years especially with the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, and the New England Patriots all obtaining World Titles in my life time. I still would have loved a hat trick with 2007 belonging to New England but hell two out of three isn’t bad! Now if only the Boston Bruins would come around, I would be in seven heaven. So with the sports rant over, I hope you get to sit back today with a favorite cigar and enjoy rooting on your favorite team. 


The cigar of choice today is the Cusano Double Connecticut Aged 18 Years Gordo. In reading about this cigar, I noticed that it received a high rating in various cigar magazines so of course I had to see if it would live up to the “Stew” test. So without further ado, lets get right to it.



WRAPPER: Connecticut Shade  

BINDER & FILLER: Dominican / Dominican 

Length/Ring: 6.2 X 54

Shape: Gordo

Strength: Medium


My Observations: This is another fine creation by the Cusano’s and it is evident in its construction. Right off the bat, I could tell that it was rolled with pure confidence from start to finish. The wrapper is a beautiful Connecticut gold brown color which has small non noticeable veins. The cap is large and was centered perfectly as with all the Cusno’s cigars I have smoked in the past. On the finger touch inspection, I found some soft spots to the touch, but not enough that I believe would affect the smoke.

Cigar Label: The label is beautiful which consists of red, black, white, and silver. Once again, I applaud whoever is the behind the construction of the Cusano labels, it is fantastic and well planned out.

Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: I used my Xzkar multi tool scissors for this task and as always “no problems to speak of!” The pre-draw was smooth as I expected and I detected a nice crisp vanilla coffee taste and I immediately wanted to light it up. The Toasting phase was a pure joy as the cigar took right off with the use of my triple burner torch lighter. Once lit, I immediately detected a smooth buttery taste.  


Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a creamy buttery taste paired up with hints of roasted coffee. The 2nd third consisted of sugary woodsy taste paired up with again with the buttery creamy taste. The final 3rd consisted of smooth hints of cedar wood, mild chocolate, and again the smooth creamy buttery taste which I found throughout my smoke. I think all of these flavors are wonderful together and compliment each other nicely.

Draw and burn line: The draw was perfect as well as the burn line and I have no complaints to report to you. Of course I expected nothing less due to the wonderful construction of this cigar. The ash was a nice gray color and I didn’t really have to ash throughout my smoke which rates high on the “Stew” cigar test. 

Price? Approximately $5.75 a stick.

Drink of choice? Honey Dew Hot Coffee

Smoke Time? About an hour and half! 

Liked it? Yes

Recommend it? Yes I do, it was a wonderful smoke.

Hint? I think some aging would only add to bring out the wonderful flavors in this cigar.



Over All?



Until Next Time


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