Stew’s Top Five Cigars

Hello everyone, Today I wanted to post something new, so I chose this topic. Now I have to give credit where credit is due because I came up with this idea from Jerry over at the Stogie Review. I loved his post and thought “What the Hell” I would like to post to my readers what I smoke on a daily basis. You have to admit that it’s a cool concept to know what your writer smokes on a daily basis to see if you have similar tastes. I hope after you finish this post, you will comment back and let me know what you’re smoking during the week. Any ways, here is the top five Stew Cigars which I love to smoke on weekly basis:










1. Connecticut by Rocky Patel













2. Luna Azul “Polo” 













3. Kristoff Criollo










































5. Rocky Patel “Fusion” 




Well,there you have it! Now what are you smoking on a daily basis?


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6 thoughts on “Stew’s Top Five Cigars

  1. I don’t smoke everyday. In fact, I may not smoke any cigars for a week at a time. My short list of that I smoke regularly is:

    Cuesta Rey Centro Fino #9
    Fuente Cuban Belicoso
    Fuente Hemingway Short Story
    Fuente Rothschild Sungrown
    Flor de Ybor City # 85 Maduro and Sungrown

  2. My top 5 cigars to smoke on a regular basis are:

    1. Padron 1964 Principe
    2. Arturo Fuente Work Of Art Maduro
    3. Tatuaje West Coast
    4. Illusione 68
    5. Padilla Miami 8&11 (New Blend)

  3. 1.Bahia Gold #2 Tony Bohrani
    2.Alec Bradley Tempus
    3.Rocky Patel decade
    4.Cuesta Rey Sungrown Centro Fino tubo
    5.Por Larranaga cuban grade (great daily 2$ stick)
    For good measure I still love Monte Cristo #2 although the local shop states regularly that it is over produced and over rated. I still think it is one of the finest smokes in the world.

    1. Smoking a cigar first and foremost is relaxing. Why you ask, because it takes time almost in most cases approximately two hours. Second, the companionship that obtained through smoking a cigar is unbelievable. I have met so many people of all walks of life through cigars and cigar functions. Third, a cigar will save you $$$$, why you ask? Trust me if you are stressed like the rest of us, skip the Psychologist and just sit back relax and speak your mind while enjoying a fine cigar, it works! Finally, if you’re not a cigar smoker, I am not trying to recruit you! Make your own choices!

  4. Exactly…..smoking cigars makes you take the time to smoke them…..I myself like the churchills……at least a couple of hours…..time to sit back and relax and call it a day……enjoyment….the smoke, the different taste, and the release of all that stress……nothing like dealing with adolescence for an occupation… 5 list…ITC,Edge Lite,Indian Tabac Super Fuente, Indian Tabac Bison, & Vegas Gold.

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