The cigar of choice today is the Por Larranaga Cuban Grade. I picked this cigar up from the Regency located in East Greenwich Rhode Island after I saw a cigar review on it at Tom’s Cigar Review page. Ed and Tom both gave it a “thumbs” up so I thought I would give it a try.  


WRAPPER: Ecuadorian grown Connecticut Shade   

BINDER & FILLER: Mexican / Honduran & Dominican   

Length/Ring: 6.1 X 52

Shape: Figurado

Strength: Mild


My Observations: The wrapper is a beautiful tan oily wrapper with small veins. No imperfections were located and I am sure glad that I was turned onto this cigar. On the finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots to speak of. So far ladies and gents we are off to a great start.

Cigar Label: Silver and gold which in my book is a great combination. This cigar label will draw your attention to it, and for good reason.

Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: I used my Fonseca guillotine cutter for this task, and I have no complaints to speak. The pre-draw was excellent (nice and smooth) at which point, I detected a nice tea type flavor. Toasting this cigar was easy with the use of my double torch lighter. So now we are underway, lets hope I get the same results that Ed and Tom received from their smoke.


Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a nice buttery creamy taste along with notes of nuts. The 2nd third consisted of nuts, earth, and some sort of tea flavors. The last third consisted of pepper, nuts, and smooth creamy buttery flavors. 

Draw and burn line: The draw on this cigar was perfect throughout my smoking experience which allowed me to detect all the smooth flavors it had to offer. The burn line was great also but I did have to relight it. Now I’m not sure why that happened because I only put it down for approximately two minutes. Other then that it was perfect.

Price? Approximately $ 60.00 for a box of twenty

Drink of choice? Green tea

Smoke Time? About two hours! 

Liked it? Yes, it is truly a nice smoke

Recommend it? Yes, get your hands on one of these and try it for yourself!

Hint? Get it because this is a hidden gem which should be in everyones humidor.

Over All

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