Today, I wanted to share with you a special place which me and my wife visit every summer. This special place is call the Town of New Shoreham which is known to most as just Block Island. This is a magical place which seems to have maintain the simple life of days gone by. Very little has changed on the this island, which makes for a relaxing get away from the hustle and bustle of todays world. Trust me, if you have never been to this place you are missing out big time!

There are a few ways that one can get to the Island which is by plane, ferry, or your personal boat. My wife and I travel by ferry from the port of Point Judith located in Narragansett Rhode Island. The ferry ride is approximately an hour and if you don’t like ferry rides, you can travel on the high speed ferry, which is approximately 30 minutes. My wife and I prefer the regular ferry because we love the ocean and being on it.

Once you have arrived on Block Island, there is lots to see and do but bring money because it gets expensive. If you love seafood, you have come to the right place because everything is fresh right from the sea.

To get around, I suggest renting a scooter because, one they are fun, and two it’s a lot cheaper than renting a car. Yes, you can rent a bike if you wish too but I personally prefer the scooter (lol). Its probably the only place besides Italy that a man can get by riding one (lol).

My wife and I always rent a house when we come out and I suggest that you do too. There is so much to take in and so little time if you don’t. Block Island offers a slew of things to do at night and if you don’t rent, you won’t be able to take it in because the last ferry departs at approximately 8:50 PM during the summer months and earlier in the Fall. I should note that there are bed and breakfast, and hotels that offer daily rentals but are expensive. The house pictured above is one of our favorite houses to rent. This house offers peace and tranquility where you can sit in the back yard all day and not be bothered by anyone. This is a bonus for me, because I can sit and smoke my cigars in peace.

Here is a photo of what you will see as you walk the quiet back roads of Block Island. Remind you of anything? Yes, a little like the country side of Ireland, doesn’t it? Take it from me, it is beautiful!

Here is a shot of our departing ferry just moments before boarding. Yes, every good thing must come to an end and so did our trip. I look forward to coming back next summer. If you get the chance to visit Block Island, “Do it!” you will thank me later.

Here is a video of the Island for your entrainment. I did not shoot it!

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