Cabaiguan Corona



The cigar of choice today is one that I have been wanting to review for quit sometime. I have heard nothing but “rave” reviews about it from my friends and fellow bloggers, so I was eager to get my hands on it! What is the name of this fine specimen you ask? It’s the Tatuaje Cabaiguan Corona Extra. So without further ado, lets smoke it shall we!


WRAPPER: Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut Shade wrapper

BINDER & FILLER: Nigaraguan / Nigaraguan 

Length/Ring: 5 X 46

Shape: Corona

Strength: Medium


My Observations: “Great” from top to bottom. I really expected nothing less from the master roller Jose Don Pepin though! This cigar is rolled with pure craftsmanship and trust me you will know it when you pick this baby up! No soft spots, and no defects! Do I really have to say anything else?

Cigar Label: “A +” Love the old style color matchup of the faded yellow label, which is complimented with the black writing across it. Hats off to Pete Johnson and his marketing department on this one!

Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: I used my bullet punch for this task, which pierced right through the triple cap with ease. The pre-draw was perfect, but as I stated above, I expected nothing less from the master roller! On the dry draw, I detected a rich peppery flavor which immediately reminded me of a great Cuban cigar! Boy, I just know this is going to be an awesome smoke!

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a rich pepper and earthy flavors, which were strong, but flowed perfectly on my pallet. The 2nd third consisted of rich peppery flavors, wood, and then a nice smooth buttery flavor. The last third consisted of a rich dark roasted cuban coffee flavor “yum!” along with a quick hits of creamy peppery flavors. 

Draw and burn line: The draw on this cigar was perfect and so was the burn line. In regards to the ash, it held beautifully and required almost no ashing! 


Price? Approximately $ 9.50 a stick

Drink of choice? Hot coffee

Smoke Time? Approximately two hours! 

Liked it? YES!

Recommend it? YES!

Hint? Yeah get off your butt and get one!


Over All



Until Next Time


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