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Hello everyone,

Today, I would like to know what your top five extraordinary cigar smokes are. What I mean by this is; what are your top five special cigars which you would not ordinary smoke unless it was a special occasion. I will reveal mine in about a week. I look forward to your choices.


Until Next Time


3 Responses

  1. Not in any particular order:

    Bolivar Petite Coronas
    Partagas Serie D No. 4
    Cohiba Siglo VI
    Padron 1926 Serie
    Opus Forbidden X

  2. Fuente Opus X
    Fuente Anejo Shark
    The Frank by Pete Johnson
    Padron 80th Anniversary
    Oliva V Maduro (hey, it was a limited release!)

  3. Partagas Serie P
    Padron 1926
    Opus X
    Any Dona Flor (I smoke them whenever I can)
    Perhaps a Camacho Liberty

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