El Triunfador by Pete Johnson




Hello everyone, its great to be back with a new and exciting cigar review. Boy, I have an awesome cigar for you today, which has created quit a buzz around the cigar world. Why you ask? First it’s made by Pete Johnson’s cigar company which are produced by Don Pepin at his Cuban SA factory in Nicaragua, and second, he only made a limited supply and word has it once there gone, there gone. So what it this the name of this beast you ask? Well, it’s the EL Triunfado which only comes in a lancero size. Now, I know what you’re going to ask me, and it’s why is he not mass producing them Stew? Well, the word on the street is because he needed to copy right the name El Triunfado and to do that he needed to sell a certain amount to the general consumer in order to complete that task. As a result here is the reason for this awesome looking piece of artwork. You know, I really get excited when I am about to smoke a cigar that maybe won’t be around tomorrow. Its sort of like you have been one of the chosen few to enjoy life’s forbidden fruit. Ok enough with the “babble” lets get into the review!





WRAPPER: Connecticut broadleaf wrapper

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaragua / Nicaragua 

Length/Ring: 7 1/2 X 38

Shape: Lancero

Strength: Medium



My Observations: True genius is the only way I can describe the appearance of this cigar to you. I was in love with it the moment I laid my eyes on it. It is basically veinless and is rolled with true confidence and love. Yes, I have to say that I expected nothing less though, but the best because of the person behind its production, that being “The Master Don Pepin.” This cigar has a beautiful pig tail that just sends out a message to it’s admires “Go ahead, pick me up and smoke me!” 



Cigar Label: Brown with white lettering! It has a true Cuban look to it which takes you back to the “Old School” Cuban style labeling! Nothing fancy and I believe that’s because this monster needs no bells or whistles to draw your attention to it!  



Snip & Pre-Draw & Toasting: I remove the pigtail with my fingers “carefully” and as a result, no cutting was needed. The pre-draw was smooth and beautiful as expected at which point my pallet received a nice smooth peppery flavor. Toasting this gem was smooth and easy as I began my journey with this cigar with the use of my single torch burner lighter.



Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar was outstanding with just “banging” flavors on your pallet! This was due to the rich pepper flavor, that combined with vanilla hints and leather. This cigar is already living up to all the hype and I was begging to see what the next flavors where right around the corner. The 2nd third continued with the outstanding pepper flavor but quickly died down as some earthy flavors combined with wood began to take over. Then all of a sudden “BAM” my pallet received a blast of chocolate and rich cuban coffee bean “WOW!” The final 3rd continued with chocolate, coffee, which seemed to take me right to the end of my smoke. It was a wonderful experience!



Draw and burn line: The draw was awesome throughout my smoke and I have no complaints to report to you. The burn line though a little jagged but never affected my smoke. The ash, which was whitish gray, kept its form well into the 2nd third of my smoke and again living up to my expectations. I never had to touch up this bad boy and again it all comes back to the master producer of this cigar the Great Don Pepin, who I have tons of respect and admiration for. Hey it’s my opinion but to most of the cigar smokers I speak to, they share the same opinion as I do!




Price? Approximately $9.00 a stick

Drink of choice? Hot coffee

Smoke Time? Approximately two hours

Liked it? NNo,I loved it!

Recommend it? YES!

Hint? Get this baby while you can! I’m telling you that if you haven’t got your hands on this gem, you are truly missing out! “Trust me, it’s that good!


Over All



Until Next Time


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