Today’s cigar comes from the Rocky Patel line, which I have been wanting to review for awhile, but had put aside to review some of the newer cigars that have recently hit the streets. So, with some down time, I figured today was the day. Anyway, the cigar is the “Nording”, which I was turned onto by my good friend “Jerry Cruz” over at the stogie-review. Jerry has placed this cigar in his top five cigars for his weekly smokes and I wanted to see if it lived up to his recommendation. So with that said, lets get into it.




WRAPPER: Costa Rican

BINDER & FILLER: Mexican / Honduran & Nicaraguan 

Length/Ring: 5 1/2 X 52

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Medium


My Observations: This cigar has a beautiful chocolate leaf wrapper which is oily to the touch. The cigar is a bit veiny but doesn’t take away from the characteristics of it’s makeup. On my finger touch inspection, I found a some soft spots but I’m not sure if it will really affect the smoke or not but we will find out. Finally, the cigar has a beautiful pig tail, which I personally think adds to the attraction factor when a consumer is perusing for a cigar to smoke.


Cigar Label: Tan label with brown writing across it. Nothing over the top and I think Rocky could have done more to bring attention to it. Overall “boring!” 

Snip: I chose my Xikar multi-tool cigar scissors for this task and as always “no problems” to report. 

Pre-Draw: The dry draw was perfect for my taste, but I really wasn’t shocked because I find this in most of Rocky Patel’s cigars. 

Toasting: I chose my triple burner light for this task, which took right off with large amounts of gray smoke. I have to tell you that this is a pleasant smelling cigar too that won’t offend others around you.


Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of cocoa and roasted coffee flavors that instantly hit your pallet. The 2nd third consisted of nice spices and nuts, which are accompanied with the rich cocoa flavor. The final 3rd consisted of coffee, cocoa, and spice. Basically what you taste up front is what you will get throughout your smoke.  


Draw and burn line: The draw was perfect with no complaints to speak of. The burn line was a little uneven but really never affected my smoke. I never had to touch it up either!


Price? Approximately $4.50 a stick

Drink of choice? Hot coffee

Smoke Time? Approximately two hours

Liked it? Yes, once I smoked it, I bought a box.

Recommend it? YES! Again Jerry is right on target with his recommendations. 

Hint? Aging will help as always but this baby is ready to go from the box. Enjoy!


Over All



Until Next Time


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