Today’s cigar is the La Riqueza # 3 from Pete Johnson cigar company. I finally got my hands on this cigar a couple of week ago at Cigar Masters in Providence, RI and housed it in my humidor since then to give it a little resting time before my review. I have heard a lot of good things about it and the cigar clerk highly recommended, so I am expecting big things from it. I know that most of Pete Johnson’s cigars are well made so I am looking forward to smoking it and giving you my results.


WRAPPER: Connecticut broadleaf

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 5.8 X 46

Shape: Box press

Strength: Medium to full

My Observations: I found this cigar to be kind of plain without any “wow” to it. The cigar wrapper has small veins and is well rolled though. The cap has the Cuban signature to it, which is triple capped. On my finger touch inspection, I found the wrapper to be smooth to the touch but I did find some soft spots. Over all very nice but again its just so plain-looking, at least to me.

Cigar Label: Very cool! I love how the red background blends together with the gold filling and white lettering.

Snip: I chose the “V” cut for this task.

Pre-Draw: Great, just right for me!

Toasting: No problems to speak off “Yeah triple burner lighter” (LOL)

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a weird flavor that I am not digging! which is an earthy type flavor without any zing to it. So far, I would have to say this is a “boring smoke, which I am very disappointed to say the least, but lets see what is around the corner. The 2nd third consisted of an awesome raspberry flavor that I must say has turned this guy right around, and boy am I glad! Joining this flavor is some cinnamon, and quick hints of spice. The last 3rd consisted of caramel, cinnamon, raspberry (YEAH BABY!) and short hints of spice. All these flavors blend well together and will amaze your palate.

Draw and burn line: “Perfect” nothing more, nothing less! The burn line was amazingly great for a box press cigar! I have to say I was shocked!

Price? Approximately $9.00 a stick

Drink of choice? Hot coffee

Smoke Time? Right around two hours.

Liked it? Yes, after the 1st third!

Recommend it? Yes I do!

Hint? Starts out slow but picks up quick, so give it chance after the initial start!

Over All

Until Next Time


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