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Hello everyone, todays cigar is a special one that I have wanted to review since I first heard about it’s existence in June 2008. This cigar is the CAO LX2, which has been the talk of the town since it’s release into the free market. Most people I have spoken to, say its the “bomb” and is worth every penny. I for one am a big CAO fan so I was immediately up for this smoke. It took me some time to track it down but the wait is over and now lets start the review.



WRAPPER: Nicaraguan

BINDER & FILLER: Honduran / Nicaraguan & Dominican

Length/Ring: 6  1/2  X 52

Shape: Belicoso

Strength: Full


My Observations: This cigar stands out immediately from the time you lay your eyes on it. This is due to its beautiful deep dark chocolate wrapper, which was rolled perfectly. The cigar has little veins which are hardly noticeable. On my finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots to speak of and I have to tell you that I am very impressed with the makeup of this cigar thus far. 

Cigar Label: Exquisite! This cigar label is one of the best that I have seen in a long time. You can tell that some serious time and effort was put into this label before it even hit the production line. All the colors in it stand out and immediately grab your attention. These colors, which are black, silver, gold, white, and gray just blend perfectly together! A true “thumbs up!”

Snip: “V” cut.

Pre-Draw: A bit tight for my taste but lets see if it opens up during the smoke.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a pure blast of pepper, which immediately shows you the true power and strength of this cigar. I will say right now that if you are not a power cigar smoker, you may want to stay clear of this beast. The 2nd third consisted of strong dark chocolate, the pepper blast, and slight touches of cedar wood. The last third continued with these flavors, which never gets old on your pallet and keeps you begging for more. 

Draw: The draw opened right up after the first couple of puffs, which made for a great smoking experience. 

Burn line: A little jagged! 

Price? $7.75, which is outstanding for a smoke like this one!

Drink of choice? Hot coffee.

Smoke Time? Approximately two hours.

Liked it? Yes, its a great smoke!

Recommend it? Yes I do.

Hint? Keep in mind, its a power house!

Over All



Until Next Time


Inauguration Day Cigar “Rocky Patel Fusion 2nds


Hello everyone and “Yes” today we swear in a new President for this great country called the United States of America. I did not vote for President Barack Obama but wish him well in solving America’s problems that he is inheriting. So with that said, I have attached a cigar label with President Barack Obama’s picture welcoming him to the Presidency. Now I had to choose a cigar for this fine day, so I though to myself, which one will it be? Now with the country’s economy in  a recession, I thought why not a cigar that is several dollars cheaper but still gives the cigar smoker a well deserved smoke. So after sifting through my humidor, I came up with the lucky cigar that would have the honor of hosting President Barack Obama’s picture on it. The cigar of choice is the Rocky Patel Fusion 2nds. What is a Rocky Patel Fusion 2nd you ask? Its just that, the Fusion cigar that Rocky dismissed due to a slight imperfection or some other cosmetic problem. So now we have the cigar, lets get to the review shall we!




WRAPPER: It’s got 2 wrappers: oily Habano wrapper on the outside, with a Connecticut leaf underneath it. 

BINDER & FILLER: Ecuadorian Connecticut / Nicaraguan, Honduran and Cameroon

Length/Ring: 6.5 X 52

Shape: Torpedo

Strength: Medium


My Observations: You know, I didn’t really find anything wrong with this cigar. The roll seemed to be right on the mark, but I did find a couple of discolored markings but believe it could have passed. I guess that’s why I don’t work for Rocky Patel though (lol). Any ways, on my finger touch inspection, I found some small soft spots but as a whole, so far this cigar is well worth the $39.99 price point for fifteen torpedo cigars.


Cigar Label: You don’t get a wrapper with this cigar.


Snip: The “V” cut.

Pre-Draw: Perfect!

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a sweet flavor right off the bat, which is very pleasing. This flavor is joined with hints of a chocolate nutty type flavor.  The 2nd third continued with the sweet flavor, but was joined with wood and a beautiful spice. The last third consisted of the sweet flavor, some short hints of coffee, chocolate nut, spice, and oak wood. This cigar was almost exactly as I remember it when I reviewed the Rocky Patel Fusion last June 2008. I really enjoyed this cigar and would buy the 2nds again in a minute. Not only does it save you the consumer money but it is just as good as the real thing.

Draw: Perfect!

Burn line: Amazingly, it behaved better than the ones I smoked last June. 

Price? $39.99 a bundle for fifteen cigars.

Drink of choice? Hot coffee

Smoke Time? Approximately two hours.

Liked it? Yes,

Recommend it? Yes,I do.

Hint? Don’t be afraid to pick this one up, its well worth the money.


Over All



Until Next Time


Dr. Martin Luther King Day


Happy  Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Please take a moment to reflect what this man did for America and how it has been shaped since his death, due to his hard work. With that God Bless and enjoy the day.


Until Next Time


Don Pepin Garcia Blue Invictos


Hello everyone and welcome to another cigar review here at the World According to Stew. I am very excited about this review because I have heard so many good things about it. So when I purchased it, I had to use some extreme willpower just to let it sleep in my humidor for a couple of weeks in order to save it for a 2009 review. It wasn’t easy but after a months time, I made it and now it is time to unvail it to you.

Todays cigar is the Don Pepin Garcia “Blue Invictos.” As most of my readers know, I a m a hugh Don Pepin fan and haven’t really found a cigar that he has put his hands on that I haven’t liked. Now that’s not to say that I am bias towards his product, it just means the guy is truly a master in his field. So with that behind us, lets get to the review.






BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 5 x 50

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Medium 




My Observations: This is a great looking cigar, which immediately draws your attention to it, with its rich cinnamon brown wrapper. It really is a wonderful creation and seems to be flawless with its small non noticeable veins. To tell you the truth I expected nothing less from Don Pepin though. The cap is triple crowned, which was placed with pure perfection. On my finger touch inspection, I found no soft spots and now I am ready to dive right into it.


Cigar Label: Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! This label was well planned out and just an excellent marketing scheme. Trust me it will draw your attention to it the first time you lay your eyes on it. The colors consist of rich bright colors of blue, light blue, gold, and orangey-red, 


Snip: I chose the “V” cut and have no complaints.


Pre-Draw: The pre-draw was smooth with a peppery taste.


Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of hot pepper, which seems to be the Don Pepin trade mark in most of his cigars. This flavor is strong at first and then calms down and gives way to a rich Cuban type roasted coffee bean taste, which is joined with sweet spicy flavors.  The 2nd third consisted of leather, cedar, and Cuban coffee beans. The last third continued with the leather, spice, and coffee. All these flavors are a true treat and blended together superbly.

Draw: A true pleasure. 

Burn line: Jagged for most of the smoke but seemed to take care of itself without touchups.

Note: I did have a small tear in my wrapper during the smoke but I think it might have been from the cold weather on the day I smoked it. I believe that this also may affected the burn line as well. So keep that in mind and now lets see a short clip to show you how the cigar behaved. 


Price? Approximately $9.00 a stick

Drink of choice? Hot coffee

Smoke Time? About an hour and half  

Liked it? Yes I did!

Recommend it? Get one and see for yourself!

Hint? Get a five pack, you will thank me for it later!

Over All


Until Next Time






Hello my friends, its time for another “World According to Stew” cigar review. Todays cigar is the Rocky Patel R4 “Corojo” torpedo. I have been waiting to smoke and review this cigar for awhile now but didn’t want to pay the full price. So once I saw them on Cigarbid.com, I made a couple of bids and finally scored a box for $30.00 plus shipping, which was approximately $6.00. So now with the history behind us, lets get into the review and see if it was worth it.





BINDER & FILLER:  Honduran & Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 6.0 X 52

Shape: Torpedo

Strength: Medium to Full 



My Observations: The cigar wrapper is kind of “blah” to put it simple. The leaf itself has medium size veins and appears to have been poorly constructed. As I continued to look at my R4, I was shocked that this cigar even made it past Rocky’s high standards, and I am deeply disappointed to say the least. I can only hope that the smoke itself will change my opinion about this poor looking cigar. On my finger touch inspection, I found the cigar to be stiff. Make sure you don’t man hand this one because if you are heavy handed, you will be tossing this one before you even get to light it. Over all so far, I give this cigar a “thumbs” down on appearance.


Cigar Label: Poor to say the least. I think maybe it was rushed and as a result not much marketing effort was put behind it. The wrapper colors consist of brown, yellow, and white, Again just “boring!


Snip: I chose the “V” cut for this task. Once I completed it, I noticed that the wrapper began to unravel a bit. This happen on both cigars I smoked, so I know it had nothing to do with the operator.  Again this falls back on the sloppy construction “bummer!”

Pre-Draw: The pre-draw was tight.


Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of earth in the form of dirt, wood, roasted coffee beans, and slight hints of spice. The 2nd third was basically the same but the earthy dirt flavor seem to dominating flavor. The last third basically consisted of the same, and now I have to say “Thank God I am only out $36.00! 


Draw: Was tight for most of the smoke, so be prepared to work a little. 

Burn line: Jagged that requires touchups now and then. So keep your lighter handy.

Price? About forty dollars a box before shipping but shop around if your interested in them after you have read this review.

Drink of choice? Hot coffee

Smoke Time? This is a slow burner so put some time aside. A little over two hours.

Liked it? No!

Recommend it? No!

Hint? I would pass on this cigar. Not that the flavors were bad, I just don’t like a cigar that has primarily earthy dirt flavors. Even if you like those flavors, I think the construction alone is enough to keep you away from it!



Over All



Until Next Time



Hello everyone,

Tonight I would like to suggest to you a special night out at “Smoke” cigar lounge. This promises to be a great night and you can meet your writer / reviewer “Stew” to boot. So what do you say? Hope to see you there!!!

Here is the information on this special event

An Evening with Kristoff and Vengeance Cigar Co. & Mount Gay XO

Location: SMOKE Lounge ~ 114 Spruce Street, Providence, RI

Time ~ 6:30p.m. ~ 9:30p.m.

Tickets ~ $25.00

Tickets Include:

~ Free Valet Parking
~ Appetizers and Grilled Pizza
~ Mount Gay XO Drinks
~ Free Kristoff and Vengeance Cigars
~ Discounts on Box Purchases
~ Buy three ~ Get one Free Promotions

To purchase tickets please contact: 401.864.6129

Description of Kristoff Cigars ~ Made in the spirit of an elite Cuban cigar, the Kristoff embodies the taste and richness a true aficionado is looking for. With a rich, oil, wrapper, pigtail and shaggy foot, the Kristoff tastes as good as it looks with notes of almond, hints of spice and sweet finish. This is a smooth, medium bodied cigar.

Description of Vengeance Cigars ~ A premium cigar that is blended by Rocky Patel. Medium bodied with a rich, smooth and sophisticated flavor. Vengeance embodies earth, nutty and semi-spicy notes.

Description of Mount Gay XO ~ Mount Gay Distilleries has been producing rum for over 300 years. They know what they’re doing. Mount Gay XO (Extra Old) is the distillery’s finest product, a blend of rums aged 12 to 17 years. The bottle has wide rounded shoulders with a bubbled neck, similar to another Bajan product, Cockspur 12. The liquid is an elegantly lustered brown-amber with gripping legs. From the moment the cork is removed, the aroma is unmistakably Bajan and heavily of bourbon.

See You There!

Until Next Time




Hello everyone, todays cigar is the Gurkha “Dos Capos” Torpedo. I acquired this cigar in a five pack of Gurkha cigars from Cigar International. This barber-pole style cigar is quite impressive and I am looking forward to smoking it. Yeah I know, I am a sucker for gimmicks (LOL).



WRAPPER: Cameroon & Brazilian

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Dominican

Length/Ring: 6 X 53

Shape: Torpedo

Strength: Mild 


My Observations: The cigar is simply amazing as in the case of most barber pole style cigars. It was well wrapped and has little non noticeable veins. On my finger touch inspection. I found no soft spots and I have to say that I am very impressed to say the least. I just hope the smoke is as good.


Cigar Label: Very cool, I love the artwork and as with most Gurkha cigar labels, an “eye” catcher. The label is made up of orange, gold, and black.


Snip: The “V” cut.

Pre-Draw: Perfect!

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of earthy, and carmel, which was very sweet. I was pleasantly surprised with the up in your face flavors and I’m sure you will be too. The 2nd third continued with the earthy flavor, but eventually died down and was over taken by a rich coffee, which I found to be very pleasing. The last third consisted of coffee, chocolate, leather, and spice. I have to that I thoroughly enjoyed the flavors of this cigar but wished it had more power to it. So with that said this cigar is definitely a mild cigar at best. If I had box of these guys, I would definitely smoke them in the morning with my first cup of coffee.

Draw: Perfect as I am finding in all the Gurkha’s I have smoked. 

Burn line: Great! 

Price? Not sure because I think they are discontinuing this cigar.

Drink of choice? Hot coffee

Smoke Time? Approximately an hours.

Liked it? Yes I really did.

Recommend it? If you can find it.

Hint? Don’t go out of your way to find this unless your a mild body cigar smoker.


Over All



Until Next Time






Hello everyone, Happy New Year to you. Welcome to a new year of cigar reviews here at the World According to Stew. As I promised at the end of 2008, this year will be even better here. So with that behind us, lets get to todays cigar review.

Todays cigar is the Gurkha Legend. I chose this cigar because of Anthony from Toms Cigars Reviews. If your not sure who Anthony is, I suggest you get on over to Toms Cigar Reviews to find out. Anyways, I have never tried the Gurkha line so I am pretty excited to find out what its all about. So without further ado, lets go!



WRAPPER: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

BINDER & FILLER: Cameroon / Dominican

Length/Ring: 6 1/2 X 52

Shape: Torpedo

Strength: Medium 


My Observations: This is a nice looking cigar because of its dark chocolate leaf wrapper. The wrapper itself has medium size veins and looks to have been well constructed. On my finger touch inspection though, I did find lots of soft spots and I’m not really sure if this will affect my smoke or not. Over all though, I like the look of it and now its time to see what it has to offer.


Cigar Label: Very classy indeed. The label has a lot to offer and this due to all the colors that are present. Now lets not forget the cool guy in the middle of the label with two cool swords behind him. The colors are made up of gold, bronze, and black. All these colors blended together to make up a fine label. “Great job Gurkha!”


Snip: The “V” cut.

Pre-Draw: Perfect!

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of heavy earth, leather, and chocolate. So far I am finding this smoke very enjoyable, but I wish the earthy flavor wasn’t so strong. The 2nd third consisted of earth, chocolate, leather, spice. Again nice flavors and finally the earthiness is starting to die down, and mellow in with the rest of the rich flavors. 




My cigar blew up! Just like that the cigar leaf wrapper tore and began to unwrap to my amazement. Go figure! The 1st cigar I chose to review for 2009 blows up (LOL). So lets take a look at the video and see what happen, shall we:


Anyways I stuck with it as long as I could, and here is the results.


The final 3rd consisted of chocolate, earth, and leather, and spice. I have to note that I was only able to smoke the cigar to the label and then it was over. So honestly there could have been some type of flavor change towards the end but I highly doubt it.  

Draw: The draw line was perfect for the entire smoke. 

Burn line Not bad until my cigar blew up (LOL). 

Price? Approximately $9.50 a stick

Drink of choice? Hot coffee

Smoke Time? Approximately two hours.

Liked it? Not sure due to the explosion? But it started off very nice.

Recommend it? Maybe but I will need to smoke it again to say for sure!

Hint? None at this time.


Over All












I would like to take this time to wish all of you a Happy New Year! May it bring you good fortune and some fine cigars.


Until Next Time