Hello everyone, Happy New Year to you. Welcome to a new year of cigar reviews here at the World According to Stew. As I promised at the end of 2008, this year will be even better here. So with that behind us, lets get to todays cigar review.

Todays cigar is the Gurkha Legend. I chose this cigar because of Anthony from Toms Cigars Reviews. If your not sure who Anthony is, I suggest you get on over to Toms Cigar Reviews to find out. Anyways, I have never tried the Gurkha line so I am pretty excited to find out what its all about. So without further ado, lets go!



WRAPPER: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

BINDER & FILLER: Cameroon / Dominican

Length/Ring: 6 1/2 X 52

Shape: Torpedo

Strength: Medium 


My Observations: This is a nice looking cigar because of its dark chocolate leaf wrapper. The wrapper itself has medium size veins and looks to have been well constructed. On my finger touch inspection though, I did find lots of soft spots and I’m not really sure if this will affect my smoke or not. Over all though, I like the look of it and now its time to see what it has to offer.


Cigar Label: Very classy indeed. The label has a lot to offer and this due to all the colors that are present. Now lets not forget the cool guy in the middle of the label with two cool swords behind him. The colors are made up of gold, bronze, and black. All these colors blended together to make up a fine label. “Great job Gurkha!”


Snip: The “V” cut.

Pre-Draw: Perfect!

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of heavy earth, leather, and chocolate. So far I am finding this smoke very enjoyable, but I wish the earthy flavor wasn’t so strong. The 2nd third consisted of earth, chocolate, leather, spice. Again nice flavors and finally the earthiness is starting to die down, and mellow in with the rest of the rich flavors. 




My cigar blew up! Just like that the cigar leaf wrapper tore and began to unwrap to my amazement. Go figure! The 1st cigar I chose to review for 2009 blows up (LOL). So lets take a look at the video and see what happen, shall we:


Anyways I stuck with it as long as I could, and here is the results.


The final 3rd consisted of chocolate, earth, and leather, and spice. I have to note that I was only able to smoke the cigar to the label and then it was over. So honestly there could have been some type of flavor change towards the end but I highly doubt it.  

Draw: The draw line was perfect for the entire smoke. 

Burn line Not bad until my cigar blew up (LOL). 

Price? Approximately $9.50 a stick

Drink of choice? Hot coffee

Smoke Time? Approximately two hours.

Liked it? Not sure due to the explosion? But it started off very nice.

Recommend it? Maybe but I will need to smoke it again to say for sure!

Hint? None at this time.


Over All










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  1. This is a FANTASTIC smoke! I enjoy almost all of the Gurkhas I’ve tried but also find that ‘exploding wrappers’ aren’t all that uncommon. It seems to happen with my favorite Costa Rican Maduro wrappers most. But at $2-3 on cbid, I’ll deal with it for the flavor and aroma I get out of them.

    Nice review Stew!

  2. Thanks for the pimpage of my little blog!

    Bummer about the exploding cigar. This used to happen to Anthony all the time. We always blamed him, but I wonder if it was the Gurkha’s fault (since he smokes so many).

  3. First, I like to say I really liked your review, save the input I’m about to request from you. 🙂 Thank you. I mean, I actually am a milder smoker; blowing up cigars aren’t too common for me. If I can hear a bit more of it I would love to.
    REALITY: TWO hours burn-time??? Are you serious? I was about to drop the review as soon as I had seen that. I mean, one hour is over-board. So, yes, that’s two points which i planned on three, but, something tells me – from your review/critique – that you should not be giving this review to make it look like it came from a serious cigar smoker with TALENT A.K.A. Aficionado.
    –Lemme take that back, maybe you are serious; but not from that review you just gave it.
    –Does it matter to you that you are the only 1/1150000th person in per – centage to say something like that about this cigar?

    Michael A.

  4. I, too, am quite surprised by the alleged 2-hours smoke time on a 6 x 52. Either someone lost track of time or fell asleep in their chair for a cat-nap in the middle of it before finishing.

    I had an 8 x 60 the other day that didn’t take 2-hours.

  5. Read your review , surprised by the blow up. maybe you should have smoked more then one.
    I’ve just ordered a box of G

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