Rocky Patel “Orange Label” from CI Legends


Hello everyone, todays cigar is the Rocky Patel “Orange Label from the CI Legends series. You can find this cigar at cigar international. I have been looking to smoke this cigar for quit sometime because Rocky Patel produced it. As all my readers know, I love Rocky Patel cigars and tend to smoke them on a regular basis. So once I heard of the “Orange Label” existence, naturally I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Hope fully it will be better then the R4, which is another Rocky Patel cigar you can only buy online.


WRAPPER: Corojo 

BINDER & FILLER: ??? / Honduran

Length/Ring: 5.7 X 54

Shape: Robusto

Strength: Medium


My Observations: This is a very nice looking cigar that has a beautiful dark chocolate wrapper. The leaf itself is oily to the touch and is well constructed with its double cap. On my finger touch inspection, I did find some soft spots but I really think it will not affect my smoke in anyway.


Cigar Label: Very Cool. All the Legend labels are the same except for the line it is. By that I mean who the cigar is produced by such as the present one, which is orange for Rocky’s creation. All the cigar producers who contributed to this series have there own distinct colors, kind of like the All Star game for baseball, where all individuals wear there own team colors for the game. OK way off topic now. Anyways the colors are blue,gold,silver, black, red, and white. Very Americana.

Snip: Punch.

Pre-Draw: Smooth, which produced a nice tobacco taste on my pallet.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of a woodsy, earthy type flavor and that’s basically it. The 2nd third consisted of wood, earth, and small hints of coffee beans though very faint. The last third basically the same with no changes except for the quick hints of coffee bean. Not really what I expected!

Draw: Smooth and right up to par with Rocky Patel cigars.

Burn line: Very jagged, so make sure you lighter has extra fluid for touching it up! 

Price? $ 20.00 for a five pack.

Drink of choice? Hot Tea.

Smoke Time? Approximately an hour and half.

Liked it? Yeah but its not an amazing smoke by any stretch of the imagination!

Recommend it? Yeah, I guess if you have twenty dollars to burn, buy some.

Hint? Maybe putting to sleep for a while will do it justice, we will see though!


Note: Check out my buddy Jerry Cruz’s video of this cigar. You can find it on the Stogie Review.

Over All



Until Next Time


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8 thoughts on “Rocky Patel “Orange Label” from CI Legends

  1. Awesome review, Stew! I too am a huge Rocky Patel fan so i might just have to pick these up sometime!

    Keep ’em comin’!

  2. maybe im a cigar snob, but i can’t bring myself to order cigars that are internet only brands.. more of then suck, then not. So your a brave soul for trying them…

  3. Stew, I think you and I are true BOTLs. I’m in agreement with you on so many things. Keep up the great work!


  4. I was disappointed with this stick! This is the first by Rocky Patel that I have tried and after the cheap cigar flavor and terrible burn there’s a good chance that it will be the last.

      1. This was the first, and as the CI Legends sampler only came with 1, RP wasn’t given a chance for any redemption. If I do try another it will have to be a completely different experience to have any chance at a third smoke.

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