Litto Gomez “Diez Chisel”


Hello everyone, todays cigar is a day early than the usual Tuesday Post. Tuesday is going to be a busy day for me so I thought it would be smart to get my review done a day earlier than a day later. So with that out of the way, I thought it would be nice to review a big name cigar, which has drawn lots of attention to it from the Cigar Aficionado Magazine. This cigar was ranked as their number 3 cigar out of 25 for 2008. It took me a while to get my hands on it due to this “buzz” but I was finally able to locate it at Cigar Masters located in Providence Rhode Island. Once in my hands, I was stunned by its make up and look. It is truly an awesome sight.


WRAPPER: Dominica Republic

BINDER & FILLER: Dominican / Dominican

Length/Ring: 5 1/2 X 54

Shape: Chisel

Strength: Full


My Observations: The leaf wrapper is truly beautiful and wrapped to perfection. The Chisel head is what brings your attention to this baby, and for good reason. There is hardly any noticeable veins and there was no soft spots to speak of!

Cigar Label: “Nicely Done!” All the colors in this label blended perfectly together, due to its wonderful flowing colors, which included red, black, and gold.

Snip:I was suggested by Jeremy (the Humidor salesperson) to go with a punch on the top of the cigar, so I went with his suggestion.

Pre-Draw: Very tight and not enjoyable to my standards. Immediately, I began to question the tips design and wondered if this would affect my entire smoke. In regards to flavor, rich pepper hits your pallet immediately during the dry run.

Flavors: The 1st third of this cigar consisted of rich black pepper and lots of it! It is strong to say the least and you immediately respect the power of this monster you have in your hand. This rich pepper flavor lasts awhile and towards the end of the 1st third the flavor of leather starts to make its way into the mix. The 2nd third consisted of the rich pepper, and leather, which quickly is beginning to dominate this smoke. The last third continued with the leather and seem to be joined with small sudden hints of cedar wood. I have to say now that I may have enjoyed this smoke if the draw didn’t “SUCK!” I spent most of the smoke trying to keep the draw going and trust me it wasn’t fun! I now believe I am another sucker who was drawn in by the gimmick look of the cigar!

Draw: Terrible, I had to rotate my cigar in my hands during the entire smoke. It got so bad that I finally began squeezing the tip in an effort to free it up. Now this action did work for a bit but eventually failed, so I cut the tip yet again to salvage my smoke. Irritating to say the least. 

Burn line: Excellent burn line, but had to be relight several times due to the difficult draw.

Price? $ 11.00 for a stick.

Drink of choice? Coke.

Smoke Time? Approximately an hour and half.

Liked it? No!

Recommend it? No!

Hint? If you want to be in the crazy, buy it, but remember gimmick cigars are usually just that, gimmicks! The draw sucks on this guy and I for one will not smoke anything that requires work. 


Over All


thumbsup-1.jpg image by Mulley42




Until Next Time


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5 thoughts on “Litto Gomez “Diez Chisel”

  1. Interesting review…while the Chisel is out of my usual range I enjoy most smokes from Litto.

    I never liked the way folks have said to smoke this with the punch on top. I’d like to see if your thoughts change any using a standard straight cut.

    Thanks bro!

  2. I’ve smoked quite a few chisels, and have heard/read advice ranging from “punch both sides of the chisel” to “just pinch the tip open.” What has consistently worked for me is taking a V-cut horizontally.

    Seems this one sucked b/c of the draw, which in turn has to do w/ the cut. When it smokes properly, it’s a wonderful, powerful smoke, at least in my experience.

    Hope you try another one soon!

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