Hello everyone, and yes I’m back two days in a row with another video cigar review. No, I am not following Jerry’s lead from the Stogie Review, so please do not get use to this (LOL). Hey I’m like a new kid with a new toy and I had some extra time on Tuesday, so thus the reason for the second review this week.

* Please take note that the cigar in the picture was not the cigar I smoked for this review. It was the cigar I smoked a couple of days earlier.


Cigar Facts:

Wrapper: Connecticut and Maduro

Binder and Filler: Dominican / Dominican

Size: 50 x 7

Cost: Around $ 7.50 a stick

Drink of choice: Hot coffee


Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.


  1. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t like this cigar, but hey, it happens. Again-another great review. Very detailed information. Glad you finally decided on video reviews.

    You are a better man then us (Ed and I). It was in the 50’s, and we postponed our review due to “The cold weather.”

    To answer your question…
    I usually have filtered water or Fiji, but I do enjoy a good, aged single malt scotch from time to time (Just a little bit mind you). In the morning, I’ll do with coffee.

  2. Stew,
    Looking at the cigar in video, I can’t even tell that it is a Double Wrap. I agree that the color variation should definitely be more pronounced (maybe it is better in person)

    Looks like the stick held up very well in the environment that it was in (windy, dry, and cold)

    As to your question, no I will not be watching. I’ve been to a handful of Phillies games when I was younger and thought it was great, but I just can’t watch it on TV.

    As far as a drink goes, depends on the cigar. Most often I pair the first one or two cigars with water. From there it could be hot tea, coffee, scotch, or bourbon.


  3. G’day Stew!

    I stumbled upon your site and I’m glad I did. Your reviews are enjoyable and informative, and when I can’t get out to create my own clouds of aromatic smoke, at least I can watch you savor the flavor!

    I’d like to suggest one tip that will help your video reviews: when you are sharing the cigar nomenclature with your viewers, have the information printed out and attached to the top of your screen so that you can still look in the direction of the camera instead of looking off to the side. I hope this tip will be of benefit to you.

    Your best work is going up in smoke!

  4. Stew,

    Although you didn’t like the cigar I once again liked the review…good stuff and please keep them coming!

    To answer some of the questions you tossed out to the viewers…

    1. I look forward to watching as much of the World Baseball Classic as I can. My wife is Korean and my in-laws are visiting from Korea, so with that said I can expect to watch both the U.S. and South Korea games.

    2. Regarding the idea of American athletes going to play for countries other than the U.S….funny you should ask that because I had the very same discussion with a coworker of mine this morning. I am of the opinion that an athlete should play for the country they are a citizen of. If by chance the athlete holds dual citizenship then it is my opinion that they play for the country where they maintain primary residence. If every American were to trace their roots of ancestry and go play for his/her ancestral national team than we wouldn’t have any U.S.A team at all…After all, who other than native americans can trace their heritage back to the North American continent, specifially to the area we now call the United States? I understand having pride in heritage and I don’t mean to encourage forgetting that, but in some cases it just seems a little silly for athletes to go represent a country other than the U.S. if they are themselves American citizens.

    3. Regarding favorite drink…I’ve almost always stuck with some water. I’m still trying to develop my palate and figure out what the heck I’m tasting, so introducing a flavored beverage might not be wise for me at this stage.

    Again, great review! I look forward to more…


  5. Another good’un Stew! I agree that the double wrap was barely perceptible which is surprising. I haven’t had one but do have a couple churchill sized ones waiting to be sacrificed.

    Me and baseball don’t mix….Bruins all the way!

    My drinks of choice are beer or iced tea.

    Keep’em coming!

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