5 Vegas Miami Knuckle


Hello, today’s cigar is the Five Vegas Miami Knuckle. I would like to thank my good friend Jerry Cruz for his kindness in sending me this cigar to review. Anyway, lets get to the make up of this cigar shall we:


WRAPPER: Cuban Seed Corojo

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan 

Length/Ring: 4.5 x 60

Shape: Knuckle

Strength: Medium to Full

PRICE: Approximately $6.00 a stick



Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

16 thoughts on “5 Vegas Miami Knuckle

  1. HaHa. Not enough F bombs for this cigar.

    I like the palate annihilating spice after a heavy dinner for some reason but can’t stand this cigar at any other time. I also HAVE to have something to drink while smoking it, otherwise the back of my throat gets destroyed.

    I agree on the 1.50-2 bucks a stick tops for this stick.

    And there is only one thing to do on St. P’s day…. round up friends, go to the pub and sing some old Irish drinking songs!

  2. Stew,
    Good review as always. Loved the scenic sounds in the beginning. Birds chirping, sun shining, looked like an awesome day in New England.

    With both you and Jerry giving this cigar a big thumbs down, I feel like I’ve got to try one…. lol


  3. Love the accent.

    On a cigar that size, you may want to consider a different cut. Check this out: http://budurl.com/7ps6

    You think that cigar might just be too strong for you? It took me some time to get to a point where I could evaluate a cigar objectively, even if it isn’t my ‘cup of tea’.

    I actually liked the 5 Vegas Knuckle…but then again, I prefer very strong cigars.

    Chief Hava

  4. Another great review! Hey you gave it a fair chance. I am compelled to give this cigar a try. As they say, any press is good press 😉

  5. How does this compare to a JdN Antano? I think that’s about the peppery-est cigar I’ve ever had.

    I absolutely love watching your reviews…’Coro-Joe’, that’s right, you tell’em how it’s supposed to be pronounced brotha! 🙂

    Great review! Keep it up!

  6. Stew,

    Judging from the painful expression that crossed your face during the entire review (I also thought I detected a greenish tint to your face! LOL) , I will completely trust your assessment of this cigar and will spend my time and resources on cigars that increase the quality of my life not practically take it away!

    Thanks for another great “Stew Review”!

  7. Stew:
    Great review – I laughed hard while you chokled on the Knuckle!

    You are in Rhode Island? I am just over border in MASS and go to C Masters in Providence and Tammany Hall regularly. Let me know if there are any herfs happening in RI…. I’ll keep an eye out for you. Keep up the good work.

  8. My lone experience with the 5 vegas miami is with the m-5
    size 5.5 by 55 ring gauge. Though not the best Pepin Garcia
    cigar that I’ve had, I found it to be a very flavorful cigar.
    It seems to me, that you were unable to deal with the strength of this cigar. Let me tell you that as far as Pepin Garcia cigars go, this is definitely on the milder side. What would happen if you smoked a Joya di Nicaragua Antano? You would probably pass out and someone would have to call the local EMS.
    I suggest that a wuss such a yourself stick to Connecticut shade wrapped Dominican cigars. Leave the rich flavorful cigars to real men.

  9. Carlo,

    Just want to also note for the record the knuckle is blended by janny garcia, and only the 5 vegas miami knuckle is done with this blend. The other sizes are a different blend so the knuckle cannot be judged against the other sizes.

    Matt M.

  10. Carlo –

    Maybe you should educate yourself before commenting. Like Matt pointed out the Knuckle is not a Don Pepin blend but a blend by his daughter Janny.

    Also, you may want to educate yourself on cigars that Don Pepin does blend that are mild-medium in body but full of flavor such as his El Rey de los Habanos cigars or the Serie JJ or the Series P that he makes for Tatuaje. Don Pepin isn’t known for the strength of his cigars but for the flavors. Two different things.

  11. First off, Stew, thanks for the review!

    Second – I bow to you. You were just called a “Wuss” on your own blog! I have yet to have that honor. First you were called a ‘cop with a lot of time on his hands’ and now this? I only can hope for such hate comments.

    Rock on!

  12. I agree with Carlo. This is a very tidy cigar but should most likely only be appreciated by those of from Miami. DPG makes a peppery cigar and he makes it for those of us that prefer the old world flavors. Americans usually stick to the softer Dominican cigars but they are too weak for men of the cloth. Great video though. I usually find your reviews perfectly in line with my tastes and seek your reviews above anyone else on the net. However, I cannot agree with you here. This is a very good cigar for a low price that exhibits the qualities that my grandfather enjoys.

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