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HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY EVERYONE! Today’s cigar comes from the fine folks from Isabela cigars located in Miami Florida. A million thanks to them for sending me some samples to review. So with that said lets get to the cigar make up.


WRAPPER: Sumatra

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Honduran / Dominican

Length/Ring: 6 1/2  X  56

Shape: Torpedo

Strength: Mild to Medium


Drink of choice: Hot Coffee

A little history behind this cigar: Isabela cigars are the direct result of hard work, dedication and heritage from a man named Mr. Vincent Ortiz. Who is Mr. Ortiz you ask? Well, Mr. Ortiz is from Cuba and has a rich history in the cigar making business, which includes several years of  producingspecific tobacco blends and rolling cigars for President Castro himself while residing in Cuba ( This included his beloved Cohiba Line). Since that time, Mr. Ortiz migrated to Miami Florida where he has embarked on producing his own line of cigars to share with the Americans. Mr. Ortiz uses a special blend of tobacco in his cigars and polishes them off with a sweet sugar cane taste on the cap, much like they were produced during the Pre-Castro Cuban cigars era. Mr. Ortiz was born in Cuba, rolled cigars there most of his life and now wishes to share his works with all of you. So now that you know the history behind this cigar,lets get to the cigar!
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14 thoughts on “Isabela Cigars

  1. About time !! I have been smokin these Isabelas whenever U can find em, and to me they taste like those “special island” romeos-rich, sweet, toasty with a bit of pepper -lots of stuff goin on in these cigars !! Great review… to see more on Isabelas !!

  2. Stew,

    Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

    I enjoyed your review of the Isabela. I contacted them a few weeks back and they were kind enough to send me a sampler as well. When I enquired about the SRP of these they sent me the following:

    Robusto – $5.50

    Belicoso Fino – $5.95

    Torpedo Miami – $8.95

    Esplendido – $8.95

    I look forward to sitting down with some buddies and firing some of these up in the near future…I’ll post a review down the road as well.

    Take care!


  3. i have heard alot about the good cigars that mr Ortiz has been rolling in florida for many years now ! I heard that they might become more available, so to see a review and the website made me order some…thanks for finding and reviewin somethin that most of us dont know about . i hope to see a review of viaje someday, its another cigar I keep hearing about . Love your site

  4. Another keeper Stew! Still have to crank up my volume 100% to hear you, but I don’t see anyone else noting it so it must be me!

    Happy belated St. Pattys day to you too!

    Lets get it together Bruins!!!!!

  5. I like them .I think they are a great cigar .Kinda like a cohiba-churchill only a sweet wrapper .Ya’d swear it’s cubian .Those cuba-cubas are damn good too .I am not paid to say this either .They are worth the price too

  6. Im smoking an Isabela Miami robusto-seems similar to your review of the torpedo, but the Isabela robusto packs a hell of a punch, with all the flavor!!

  7. “molly Brauhn ” must be referring to stogie review-this site has always ad great impersonal positive reviews .

    Keep up the good work stew !

  8. Got an email from Prime Cigar are havo=ing the only Isabela Miami tasting in the Midwest saturday april 18th 2009 for those interested in free samples !

  9. just got free Isabela sampler pack from Isabela Miami via “cigar geeks” site-check it out !!

  10. We buy and sell a lot of cigars and smoke even more, and I hate to say it, but those Miami-made Isabela cigars are one of our favorites here at TNT. Loaded with deep characteristics and flavor profiles, these little meanies sneak up to you and when you least expect it, BOOM !! they explde with flavor !! Nice to see reviews of the small guys !

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