Alec Bradley Tempus Centuria


Hello cigar fans, today I bring you the Alec Bradley Tempus. This is an awesome looking creation, and I am glad that I finally picked a couple up to review. It has received some big reviews from other blog sites, so I am excited to finally find out for myself. So with the history behind us, let get to the make up of it:


WRAPPER: Honduras

BINDER & FILLERIndonesia / Nicaragua, Honduras

Length/Ring: 7 X 49

Shape: Centuria

Strength: Medium to full

Price: Around $ 9.00 a stick

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Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

4 thoughts on “Alec Bradley Tempus Centuria

  1. Great review of the alex bradley tempus, I completely agree with you’re assessment — some sticks just have burn issues, thats the beauty of a handmade product it isn’t always perfect but gives a new adventure every time.

    Matt M

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