4 thoughts on ““Use Your Head”

  1. lmao!!!!!!! i felt so bad for you cause i thought that you really thought it was real i knew before i even played the viedo lmao….i have every cuban cigar you can think of besides my name is eric and i live in nc and i just found your site and im impresed very nice anyway….lmao is the cohiba letters backwards or is it the camra? and tehy never made limitada 2008 piramides only 2006 and some other 2000 year lmao…thats a funny counterfit and cohibe limitadas are so so dark like a maduro pretty much anyway like i said email me and let me know if you ever wana trade something just to start up a friendship i have every cuban you can think of even the regonals and i have 3 cabinet humidors and 5 big desktop humidors filled with VERY VERY RARE CIGARS we get here in the states like davidoff tatuaje stuff like that mail me back nice reviews stew keep em comming

  2. me and my wife went on a cruise last year and just this year in march we flew to the bahamas and man there are a lota fakes lol….i bought some last year off my cruise on st thomas and i got raped lol….now i buy from stores in canada and austrailia and la casa del habano james suckling and aronald swarchanager how ever you spell his name lol….the gov of cal lol….anyway they shop there i meet him and james sukling look at cigaraficianado.com and look at the viedos and look at the regonal havana cigars and youll see rare cubans called…EDMUNDO DANTES EL CONDE 109 MEXICO i have 2 boxes of thoes cigars and ohh myy godd what great smokes…….anyway when he did that review on thoes cigars on the cigar aficianado website thats were he bought thoes cigars from in tijauana and the only place you can get real cuban cigars in the bahamas is at the atlantis resort and you gona way way over pay like a bolivar belicoso fino os like $50 and a cohiba sublime limitada was $150 a stick so if you ever go there dont buy cubans from anyone unless you only buy a cupple cause there so much money at the atlantis

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