5 Vegas “Relic”


Hello everyone, yes its time for another 5 Vegas cigar review. Today, I bring you the 5 Vegas “Relic.”  Lets see how this one fairs out in the Stew test. One can only hope it goes a lot better than the Knuckle.



BINDER & FILLER: Dominican / Dominican

Length/Ring: 5.75 X 54

Shape: Perfecto

Strength: Medium to Full

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Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

5 thoughts on “5 Vegas “Relic”

  1. I’m a coffee junkie and I want one of those! Are they very expensive? Man…I wouldn’t sleep for days. Great choice of music once again. Take care and have a good trip.

  2. I liked the coffee intro!! I keep thinking about buying one but some days I will drink 2 pots of coffee myself, so those little refill packs get REAL expensive! It is a nice idea if you only want to snag a cup or 2!

    Cigar – I only ever had 1 5 vegas and it was just OK in my book. I will save full judgement till I try some more.

    Like the reviews, keep em coming!!


  3. 5 Vegas Gold and the Serie A are excellent cigars. I have tried the 2008 Limitada but was disappointed by sreious burn issues. Will have to try the Relic . . .

  4. I noticed you decided to cut the end of the cigar before lighting. I was wondering if this should always be done for the types of cigars shaped this way, like the perfectos or presidentes. Im referring to the end in which one lights of course.


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