Hello everyone, today I bring you inside the factory of Don Lucas Cigars located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. After a long and bumpy bus ride on some paved but mostly potholed filled dirt roads, I finally arrived. As I exited the bus, I was greeted with great smiles and welcomed into the cigar rolling area as if I was family. I was pleasantly surprised to find the heart warming experience and became overwhelmed with joy. Once inside, I was amazed with the cigar rolling activity, and how the rollers were excited to see me. As I looked around the rollers seemed to be as interested in me as I was of them. My guide Raphael began to show us around and in an instant presented a tarantula spider as an extra bonus. I wished I would have filmed this experience but with my curiosity, I missed my opportunity (sorry folks). As the tour continued, I was able to actually touch some cigar leafs and was able to ask as many questions as I desired about the process. The Dominican’s are great are willing to share their culture with anyone who is interested. This was truly a dream come true for me.

Once the tour was finished, Raphael asked me what type of cigar I preferred and as all my viewers know, it was a maduro. Raphael retreated to the humidor and fetched one up, cut it, and presented me his lighter. I will not give my away my review of it but lets just say, I had a smile on my face. Raphael is an amazing man who loves cigars and presenting tours of them to cigar lovers. Raphael was quick to answer each and everyone of my questions. After a period of conversation, Raphael asked me to follow him to the humidor where my jaw almost fell off. As I viewed approximately 70,000.00 cigars in front of my eyes, I quickly whipped out my camera and began filming. The smells of the room was truly amazing and it felt like cigar heaven.

In reference to Raphael, he is truly one of the reasons why I love cigars so much. Why you ask? Because most of the folks that I have met in the the cigar community are happy giving people who are always smiling, willing to share what ever type of cigars they have. Raphael is truly one of these people! Before I left, I presented Raphael with the latest copy of Cigar Aficionado which gave him a smile from ear to ear. I was pleased to be able to give him something after the wonderful presentation and true friendship like attitude he had shared with me. I truly hope that one day our paths will cross again and we can share another fine cigar together.

So with a little history of my trip, I present a small video of my travels to the Don Lucas Cigar Factory. I will have a review of this cigar at a later date too.




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I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.


  1. Thats was cool! Everyone seemed nice and friendly. I wonder how much they get paid to roll them.

    70,000 – WOW – should have taken a backpack along 🙂 lol

    Glad you had a great vacation!


  2. Hi Stew!!!!!
    This is Rafael from Don Lucas Cigars in Punta Cana!!
    How is every thing?…………When you’re coming back?
    Just saw the videoclip you uploaded in your web……Very
    Stew i’m willing to hear from you!!!

    1. Hey Sir, how are you? Yes, I plan on returning to your country one day and when I do, we will have to have a stogie together.


  3. I’m having a wedding in punta cana this January and would love to take this tour. A lot of the guys coming love cigars. Rafael, can you send me an email with information on how to take tis tour. I would love to take all of the guys here.

    Matt – tidalman_77@hotmail.com

  4. I just visited your web site and I am planning to go to punta cana in May when is the factory open and till what time.

    1. Ah I don’t remember but ask the hotel front desk and they will be able to assist you. Be safe and have fun!

    2. Huello there!
      If you want to visit us give me a call #809-466-1212!
      Please ask for Rafael and i’ll give you all the details!
      Rafael Cedano,Don Lucas Cigars.

      1. Rafael, I will be in Punta Cana next week and I would love to take a tour. Is that possible? Please email me at omoody@gmail.com.

        Thank you and very excited to visit our location.

        Ms. Octavian

      2. Rafael, Thanks for responding to my reader. Hope you have been well. Anything new at Don Lucas? If so email me.



      3. Hi Stew!….We are doing well and this year we have created a couple of new things!……….And we`re going to launch “The 20th Anniversary Edition”……..I had just one and it`s delicious!…..How are you feeling there?……I hope you`re doing well too!

      4. Rafael, this is Rex Huner. I am coming to Punta Cana in early november and want to arrange a tour of the factory for several individuals. Can you help arrange this.

      5. Hello Mr Rex!

        Just tell me the date and time + number of people you are going to be and i`ll set it up for you!………Here`s my email and phone number: donlucasmobil@gmail.com……829-345-5728!

        Feel free to contact me anytime!!!!!!!!!!!
        Rafael,Don Lucas Cigars………Thanks!

  5. Hello Stew,
    I will be in Punta Cana in May which cigar do you recommend to me that is good smoke and mild and what price should I look at to pay.

  6. Hi Stew I am having trouble log in the Don Lucas account can you tell me how I can reset it I would like to order more cigars.

      1. I would like to order Imperiale cigars to Chicago Il please let me how much it would cost me to get it here.
        Thank you

  7. Stew, great site, Looks like my wife and I may go to PC late next month for our 29th anniversary and being the romantic type I immediately started looking for references on good local cigars. I will definitely be asking the Hotel to help me visit Rafael.
    Anyway, I’ll admit I’m not well versed on Dominican Cigars, my preferred stick is a Habana Monte Cristo #4 or Petit Tubos or a Cohiba #3 on the rare occasion somewhere I can get a real one. I saw (Dominican?)Monte Cristos in the background, but would like to try some of Rafael’s locals

    1. Steve,

      Make sure you bring some cigars with you because it’s very expensive to purchase cigars there. In regards to Rafael, take the tour and ask him for his recommendation. He picks out great smokes for you after he finds out what sparks you interest. Great guy who will take care of you.

      Good luck, have a safe and happy vacation. As always thanks for visiting my blog.

      God Bless


  8. I was there today January 20th 2013
    Everything Stew said was right on!
    Should have mentioned the free booze and chocolate factory superb!

  9. Like very much the products, specially FF Cigars and 20 Anniversay Cigars ! Excellent experience for the kids the Chocolat Factory

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