Oliva Connecticut Reserve Series “O”


Hello everyone, today I bring you the Oliva Connecticut Reserve Series “O.” This cigar looks to be a true winner and I hope it lives up to its hype. So with that said, lets get into it.


WRAPPER: Connecticut

BINDER & FILLER: Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan

Length/Ring: 6 X 50

Shape: Toro

Strength: Mild/Medium

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Published by Stew

I love politics, sports, good food, great wine, fine cigars, and good conversation.

8 thoughts on “Oliva Connecticut Reserve Series “O”

  1. It just had an error and erased my whole rant 😦

    Nice review, I have had 1 of these and was not very impressed, but I still have another in the humi that will hopefully change my mind!!

    shorter rant answer – AWESOME!! I agree with you that people just do not understand what this means for our children and their children! Let GM bail itself out of its greedy practices! Smack the unions hands and tell them they HAVE to allow job losses, pay cuts, benefit cuts, etc to make the company viable! Why should I pay $45000 or more for a truck from GM if I can go and get a foreign truck with a better warranty on it for $10000 less? I want to buy American but when American companies just want the money and dont care about anything else, screw em.


  2. Good review Stew – Oliva’s are consistently good smokes, probably my favorite. This Connecticut wrapper is the perfect morning cigar indeed, but you’re right, it will creep up on you if you blast through it.
    Keep those reviews coming!

  3. Love the cigar – Agree 100% with your take on these bailouts. The damn unions have been demanding these outragous contracts saying its for the workers. Turns out they have been giving tens of millions to the democrat party. This is corruption to the hilt. No wonder GM and Chrysler are finished. They are in business with union crooks. Now are joke of a president is giving the crooks more control of the companies.
    We’ve been asleep too long. We’ve allowed our government to pull the wool over our eyes, and totally fool us. A revolt is coming!!

  4. Stew,
    Great review, I also enjoyed the political rant.

    I’m not sure where the “Serie O” came from. I have an empty box sitting here and there is no “Serie” marking on it, believe it is a line of its own as the “Connecticut Reserve” (much like the Masterblend isn’t a part of the Serie lineup)


  5. Hey Stew, great reviews. I love listening to other opinions about cigars I’ve had, so I have a suggestion for a review; the Onyx Reserve cigar. It was an absolutely incredible maduro cigar, rated 94 by Cigar Insider, and it was only around $6. It was fairly mild and creamy and had a delicious, semi-sweet aftertaste. It also had an amazing construction and consistent burn. I just wish I had a thousand of them. You will not regret smoking it, I promise. I’m eager to see what you think of it! 🙂

  6. Stew,
    Great review, and great political rant. I’m with you 100 percent on the rant and review!

    US automakers got fat, lazy and complacent. Pumping out inefficient gas guzzlers (IE SUV’s, Hummers, etc). No thanks, I only own Toyota until we (the USA) can get our shit together. We as consumers are at blame too to an extend. We bought this crap, over and over again. But “I” did not, but I’m paying the price along with everyone else.

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